Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lifestyle after Dinner

Last Tuesday I wrote post on this blog about simple lifestyle stuff that could be changed. Dinners are important and many of my readers wondered about what to do after them. Yah I know the last post made many of readers change their evening lifestyle. Well here for them this is a post where one can find what can one do after dinner.

  • Fennel Seeds:
For all those angry at me writing and telling to cut of dessert at the end of meal, here is something that can cheer you up. Fennel seeds with sugar is a very common to eat in many Indian Communities. This seeds according to Ayurveda are sweet to taste which is why they usually curb our sweet taste craving. Not just that fennel seeds are well known to help digestion as they are known to reduce bloating. Read more about this seeds here.

  • Walking:
Did you know a good walk at leisure pace is good for you after meal? Did you also know that if you suffer with issues like constipation, indigestion, hyper acidity, bloating and flatulence then walking is good for you after meal? “Shatpavli” or 100 paces after meals are recommendation made by every grandmother in India. Walk with leisure couple of paces would do …It’s my personal experience that one can real work on one’s digestion with just walking every day after meal. (Benefits of Running )

  • Decaffeinated Tea:
For all those who love to enjoy their cup of tea or coffee here is a small tip. Try going decaffeinated or try some herbal tea. Herbal tea like peppermint, jasmine could be nice and relaxing after a tiring day. But check it out many herbal teas could be full with caffeine in them or sometimes can interact with your medicines that you take.

  • Time to Work and Time to Laugh:
Make your time after dinner a time to relax be with your friends, better half, kids and even family. Here is a good time for your hectic day to have time to laugh and enjoy. Share some jokes, no need to watch movies all the time. Play some nice games like jenga... try that. Relaxation is important and yes we do not get that so easily in our life. Search for that time and enjoy...
(Laughter Yoga )

Now other than this does you have any nice way that is healthy for a person to enjoy time after dinner. Well why do not you share with all....Knowledge is good to be shared.

Posted by Sudeep

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