Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cardinal Rules Of Eating Fruits

It’s hard to find a person in this world who hates fruits. We love them; yes we have our choices, some like mangoes, and some like oranges. Yes some of us love them with salads, or in a smootie . Fruits are not just healthy but have huge nourishing capacity which is why we enjoy them. But still over my few years of practice I found that we do not enjoy them properly. We mix them wrongly, eat them at wrong time, thus in the long run we loss all the good properties of them.
Here are some Rules that one can follow while eating them.

  • Eat Fresh:
Days of modernisation have made us easy to have fruits that have been already cut in nice containers sold at grocery store. Yes it is convenient but still are those fruit fresh. Please please please buy some fresh fruits, cut them if necessary. Fruits that are already opened may have lost their value over time, so Eat Fresh!!

  • Eat Seasonal:
One of the most important rules of eating fruits is eat Seasonal. Each season has its own share of fruits to partake for humans. They are in way immunity boosters that one can look in nature. Check this out enjoy nice tropical summer how about nice mangoes or cooling jams that can cool you. Try enjoying fruits which are local and seasonal and you would enjoy the season.

  • Winter and Fruits:
Well many enjoy fruits even in crazy cold winter, but Ayurveda advises something different. Yes even if we can store all the fruits and enjoy them still fruits do increases kapha which is at its time high during winter season. Hence it is best to avoids fresh fruits during this time. It is the time to enjoy dry fruits which do are heating in nature and hence nourish us more during this season.

  • Chilled Fruits:
Many of the younger generation love to enjoy fruits like cranberries and grapes frozen instead of regular. One can even find in many great restaurant nice desserts with such fruits. Well avoid such combinations. It is not a good way to eat such frozen fruits. One can bring them to regular temperature and enjoy it, but still no ways for chilled fruits.

  • Individual Meals:
Fruits are individual meals , never mix them with your meals before or after. Same could be said in regards to breakfast. If you are looking for fruits in your breakfast eat, just have fruits. Keep at least a gap of 2 hours between your meals and any fruit intake. Unless you are actually cooking your fruit try not to have it in your meals.

  • Fruit Combinations:
One of the most common combinations of fruits that many healthy savvy enjoy is smotties; a combination of seasonal fruits with milk or Yoghurt. Ayurveda speaks highly of not mixing fruits with milk as they completely rule out each other proprieties. One is advised either just to have fruits or fruit juices, or have milk. A gap of few hours is always advised to have both of this in a meal.

Life style makes a huge difference in our health. A simple change of routine could make you healthy or make you unhealthy. Try these changes and see the result …

Posted by Sudeep

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