Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Things Not to do after a Meal:

Lifestyle has always played a major role in creating health issues as well as helping treat a health issue. Ayurveda a science from age old speak very high of simple life style practises that can either make us health or lead us to illness. Say for example stuff what we do after meal... have you consider that some of the lifestyle we adapt can be dangerous in long run. Here are 5 simple habits that we have develop and are unhealthy for our health .
  • A Cup of Caffeine or Glass of Alcohol :
Knowing unknown lot of us head out for a cup of coffee or even glass of alcohol after a nice meal. Many of teenagers head out to have a can of pop. Think about it yourself do you think so it is healthy. You have just consumed a nice meal, digestive juices are currently working on your food and then you add stuff that is going to completely destroy the chemical imbalance of your stomach. To have a rest full sleep both would trigger one’s nervous system making keeping you wide awake.
  • Dessert :
We all have that craving for something sweet after a nice meal, I completely understand it. But unluckily Ayurveda have something else in mind. Desserts normally are very heavy to digest and hence should not be consumed after meals. Read more about this explanation here in this article written on this blog.
  • Shower / Bath :
Many of us do have that habit to have a nice shower or bath after a nice meal before going to bed. Many of my clients are devastated when I say that this is wrong and is really troublesome for the body. A warm shower or bath creates increase flow of blood towards the extremities, one does not want this. After meal it is very important to have a good flow of blood to the intestines rather than anywhere else. Do you agree?
  • Yoga and Exercise :
I found out recently that many yoga classes are held later in the evening. I really find this hard to digest how can yoga teachers teach some yoga after meals. After a nice meal it is really hard to expand one’s abdomens for deep breath forget other yogic poses. Lastly if you are pushing to achieve this I think so one would be more in trouble because of such routines.
  • Bed Time :
Many of us eat later our meals and then immediately head out to bed. One of the major reasons for such meals is because of our long office hours, yes I do understand that. We eat our meal, watch some movies and lastly head out to our bedroom to sleep. For a healthy person this might be ok, but for a person who had weak digestive system or having health issues such lifestyle can cause decrease appetite leading to further complications. I do not think so that this is a good lifestyle even for a healthy individual.

So what should One do, here are some tips
  • Drink Herbal Tea
  • Go out for a Walk
  • Enjoy some time with your Kids
  • Do some House hold activity?

Posted by Sudeep

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