Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Herbs to Manage Pain

Pain an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that each one of us I am sure that have gone through once in their life time. The search for pain killers should have started since the time humans have evolved, and yes it still continues. Pain can be because of much reason tissue damage, inflammation bringing a sense of discomfort to the part. Headache, Back Pain, Lower back pain , stomach pain and more type of pain one could be seen. Major diseases like Arthritis can also cause pain. Can herbs take care of pain? Yes why not... here are some of the herbs that can mange pain since ancient times.

  • Ginger
Ayurveda highly recommends Ginger when it comes to pain. Ranging from pain due to Arthritis to simple low back pain ginger can work magic. Even for a small infant ginger can be magic. New research have shown that ginger lowers one prostaglandin levels thus showing the magic result of pain management similar to aspirin or even better than that.
Ayurveda although differentiate fresh ginger properties and dry ginger powder... still both of them can work for pain. Application of dried ginger paste on the arthritic knee joint can work wonders to reduce the pain. So is the true with ginger paste for headaches... (Benefits of Ginger)

  • Clove
The spice that has history since the age of spice trade is well known for its cure of tooth pain. Facing with tooth pain the best immediate cure that one can look for is the oil of clove. A decayed tooth, infection face any issue with the tooth pain clove oil can help. New research also speaks highly about clove oil to kills infection similar as an antiseptic.

  • Asafoetida
Suffer for stomach pain well here is the simple small herbs cum mineral know only to Asian communities called as Asafoetida. ( Read more about Asafoetida ). Colicky pain in infants one of the most trouble issue for many parents this herb works magic. Mix some salt and this herbal powder with oil and then apply on the infants stomach. You can see the result in just half hour. ...try it. Bean can create a lot of stomach pain if we could not digest them properly. Asafoetida can reduce the pain caused due to this indigestion.

  • Bosweil Seertia
Salai as known to Ayurveda, in Latin Bosweil Seerita has been used from time long to manage pain for arthritis and other pain. Not just joint pain but even for inflammatory bowel disorder IBS         this herb has showed wonderful result. ( Yoga and IBS )Researches have shown that that bark contains a resin that thwarts chemical reaction that involves inflammation. Speak with your herbalist to know more about this herb and use it.

  • Red Pepper
Red Pepper is well known to relieve pain as they contain the famous chemical salicylates. Hey we eat this salicylates in a refine form is what we know as aspirin the pain killer. Many of current herbal ointment have red pepper as the main ingredients for mainly muscular pain and even pain in joints. But do not try this red pepper as it is as it can burn our tongue... Beware.... (Read more about Peppers )

Pain is something that each one has to face some time in life time. These and many other herbs can reduce the severity of pain, but cannot assure that anything can completely stop it. Pain after all is a way of our body telling us that something is wrong. As Zen may say...be in the present....

Posted by Sudeep

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