Friday, May 6, 2011

4 Steps to Relieve Bloating

Each one of us after a nice meal does suffer with a slight amount of Bloating. For some due to certain food like beans, cabbage, cheese get more bloated creating many issues. Bloating is normal for women’s during their menstrual cycle. Though this is not a huge issue still some times that can cause a huge trouble & embarrassment. Flatulence, burping, stomach pain can be few ways that this bloating shows up. Here are few of ways that one can control bloating.

  • External Application
External application of something warm like a hot towel, or hot bath can help in reducing bloating. But if that does not works a combination of cooking oil(warm),asafoetida, salt mix together an applied on stomach can work magic even with infants.

  • Herbs for Internal Use
Our Kitchen has some magic herbs that can help in lot of simple health issues. Asafoeitda an herb cum mineral has known to be an antidote for bloating especially caused by beans and other vegetables. Use a pinch or more while cooking and one may not even face bloating.
Roasted Garlic (Health benefits of Garlic ), roasted cumin seeds, roasted fennel seeds are well known to help one if suffering with bloating.
Hot water with fennel seeds, cumin's seeds works the same magic too.( Health benefits of Fennels Seeds )

Life style changes
  • Walking
Elders in India always advised that after every meal one should walk at least for 100 paces. This walk is known to help digest food, reduce bloating. It is not hard for any one of us to do that... Just walk after meal and see how one can get relief from bloating.

  • Yoga
Yogis recommend simple poses like Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose for issues like this. Results are also seen for women who suffer with pre menstruation bloating by trying this asana during, before and after menstrual cycles.

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