Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Beneficial Herbs for Women’s

This week in May is celebrated in North America as the National Week of Women’s Health. Dedicating too all the women's I have here today is a collection of 3 herbs that has and would help in keeping women health and away from issues.This are very simples herbs even day to day herbs cum spices with effects that can control and change lot of hormones in the body.

  • ·    Turmeric :

Best Fried Forever if that is how one may speak about a long term friendship then Turmeric has the honour of being that in the life of a Woman. From the start of life turmeric has shown amazing results to different health issues for women. Amenorrhea, menstrual disorder, menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding each one of this have their answer in Turmeric. Lastly do not forget menopause and other know issues during those time. Even those can be helped with this amazing yellow spice.
(Wanted to know more about Turmeric : Read more here  )

  • Ginger :
A life of women revolves a lot around the world of Menstruation. May it be the 21 century where using different type of sanitary products one can forget about this issue still its our body and it will make us remember. Ginger is an herb that has amazing role in day to day life of women. Suffering with menstrual cramps tries having Ginger tea and see the result. Nausea, morning sickness ginger remains your answer. Lower back pain again during menstruation, before or after ginger is what you should look out for. (Ginger :Health Benefits)

  • Shatavari :
Shatavari or "Asparageus racemosus" is a well known Ayurvedic herb from the Himalayas. Roots of this plant have some amazing properties that especially for an women. Ayurveda recommends the use of this herb for two reasons one is for general health and giving strength to the body. In case of women’s this herb is well known to provide strength to the uterus. Secondly the roots are galactogogue (to improve breast milk), for all those who suffer with this issue during child birth this herb is the number one choice.

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