Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cardinal Rules Of Eating Fruits

It’s hard to find a person in this world who hates fruits. We love them; yes we have our choices, some like mangoes, and some like oranges. Yes some of us love them with salads, or in a smootie . Fruits are not just healthy but have huge nourishing capacity which is why we enjoy them. But still over my few years of practice I found that we do not enjoy them properly. We mix them wrongly, eat them at wrong time, thus in the long run we loss all the good properties of them.
Here are some Rules that one can follow while eating them.

  • Eat Fresh:
Days of modernisation have made us easy to have fruits that have been already cut in nice containers sold at grocery store. Yes it is convenient but still are those fruit fresh. Please please please buy some fresh fruits, cut them if necessary. Fruits that are already opened may have lost their value over time, so Eat Fresh!!

  • Eat Seasonal:
One of the most important rules of eating fruits is eat Seasonal. Each season has its own share of fruits to partake for humans. They are in way immunity boosters that one can look in nature. Check this out enjoy nice tropical summer how about nice mangoes or cooling jams that can cool you. Try enjoying fruits which are local and seasonal and you would enjoy the season.

  • Winter and Fruits:
Well many enjoy fruits even in crazy cold winter, but Ayurveda advises something different. Yes even if we can store all the fruits and enjoy them still fruits do increases kapha which is at its time high during winter season. Hence it is best to avoids fresh fruits during this time. It is the time to enjoy dry fruits which do are heating in nature and hence nourish us more during this season.

  • Chilled Fruits:
Many of the younger generation love to enjoy fruits like cranberries and grapes frozen instead of regular. One can even find in many great restaurant nice desserts with such fruits. Well avoid such combinations. It is not a good way to eat such frozen fruits. One can bring them to regular temperature and enjoy it, but still no ways for chilled fruits.

  • Individual Meals:
Fruits are individual meals , never mix them with your meals before or after. Same could be said in regards to breakfast. If you are looking for fruits in your breakfast eat, just have fruits. Keep at least a gap of 2 hours between your meals and any fruit intake. Unless you are actually cooking your fruit try not to have it in your meals.

  • Fruit Combinations:
One of the most common combinations of fruits that many healthy savvy enjoy is smotties; a combination of seasonal fruits with milk or Yoghurt. Ayurveda speaks highly of not mixing fruits with milk as they completely rule out each other proprieties. One is advised either just to have fruits or fruit juices, or have milk. A gap of few hours is always advised to have both of this in a meal.

Life style makes a huge difference in our health. A simple change of routine could make you healthy or make you unhealthy. Try these changes and see the result …

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lifestyle after Dinner

Last Tuesday I wrote post on this blog about simple lifestyle stuff that could be changed. Dinners are important and many of my readers wondered about what to do after them. Yah I know the last post made many of readers change their evening lifestyle. Well here for them this is a post where one can find what can one do after dinner.

  • Fennel Seeds:
For all those angry at me writing and telling to cut of dessert at the end of meal, here is something that can cheer you up. Fennel seeds with sugar is a very common to eat in many Indian Communities. This seeds according to Ayurveda are sweet to taste which is why they usually curb our sweet taste craving. Not just that fennel seeds are well known to help digestion as they are known to reduce bloating. Read more about this seeds here.

  • Walking:
Did you know a good walk at leisure pace is good for you after meal? Did you also know that if you suffer with issues like constipation, indigestion, hyper acidity, bloating and flatulence then walking is good for you after meal? “Shatpavli” or 100 paces after meals are recommendation made by every grandmother in India. Walk with leisure couple of paces would do …It’s my personal experience that one can real work on one’s digestion with just walking every day after meal. (Benefits of Running )

  • Decaffeinated Tea:
For all those who love to enjoy their cup of tea or coffee here is a small tip. Try going decaffeinated or try some herbal tea. Herbal tea like peppermint, jasmine could be nice and relaxing after a tiring day. But check it out many herbal teas could be full with caffeine in them or sometimes can interact with your medicines that you take.

  • Time to Work and Time to Laugh:
Make your time after dinner a time to relax be with your friends, better half, kids and even family. Here is a good time for your hectic day to have time to laugh and enjoy. Share some jokes, no need to watch movies all the time. Play some nice games like jenga... try that. Relaxation is important and yes we do not get that so easily in our life. Search for that time and enjoy...
(Laughter Yoga )

Now other than this does you have any nice way that is healthy for a person to enjoy time after dinner. Well why do not you share with all....Knowledge is good to be shared.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Things Not to do after a Meal:

Lifestyle has always played a major role in creating health issues as well as helping treat a health issue. Ayurveda a science from age old speak very high of simple life style practises that can either make us health or lead us to illness. Say for example stuff what we do after meal... have you consider that some of the lifestyle we adapt can be dangerous in long run. Here are 5 simple habits that we have develop and are unhealthy for our health .
  • A Cup of Caffeine or Glass of Alcohol :
Knowing unknown lot of us head out for a cup of coffee or even glass of alcohol after a nice meal. Many of teenagers head out to have a can of pop. Think about it yourself do you think so it is healthy. You have just consumed a nice meal, digestive juices are currently working on your food and then you add stuff that is going to completely destroy the chemical imbalance of your stomach. To have a rest full sleep both would trigger one’s nervous system making keeping you wide awake.
  • Dessert :
We all have that craving for something sweet after a nice meal, I completely understand it. But unluckily Ayurveda have something else in mind. Desserts normally are very heavy to digest and hence should not be consumed after meals. Read more about this explanation here in this article written on this blog.
  • Shower / Bath :
Many of us do have that habit to have a nice shower or bath after a nice meal before going to bed. Many of my clients are devastated when I say that this is wrong and is really troublesome for the body. A warm shower or bath creates increase flow of blood towards the extremities, one does not want this. After meal it is very important to have a good flow of blood to the intestines rather than anywhere else. Do you agree?
  • Yoga and Exercise :
I found out recently that many yoga classes are held later in the evening. I really find this hard to digest how can yoga teachers teach some yoga after meals. After a nice meal it is really hard to expand one’s abdomens for deep breath forget other yogic poses. Lastly if you are pushing to achieve this I think so one would be more in trouble because of such routines.
  • Bed Time :
Many of us eat later our meals and then immediately head out to bed. One of the major reasons for such meals is because of our long office hours, yes I do understand that. We eat our meal, watch some movies and lastly head out to our bedroom to sleep. For a healthy person this might be ok, but for a person who had weak digestive system or having health issues such lifestyle can cause decrease appetite leading to further complications. I do not think so that this is a good lifestyle even for a healthy individual.

So what should One do, here are some tips
  • Drink Herbal Tea
  • Go out for a Walk
  • Enjoy some time with your Kids
  • Do some House hold activity?

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Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Beneficial Herbs for Women’s

This week in May is celebrated in North America as the National Week of Women’s Health. Dedicating too all the women's I have here today is a collection of 3 herbs that has and would help in keeping women health and away from issues.This are very simples herbs even day to day herbs cum spices with effects that can control and change lot of hormones in the body.

  • ·    Turmeric :

Best Fried Forever if that is how one may speak about a long term friendship then Turmeric has the honour of being that in the life of a Woman. From the start of life turmeric has shown amazing results to different health issues for women. Amenorrhea, menstrual disorder, menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding each one of this have their answer in Turmeric. Lastly do not forget menopause and other know issues during those time. Even those can be helped with this amazing yellow spice.
(Wanted to know more about Turmeric : Read more here  )

  • Ginger :
A life of women revolves a lot around the world of Menstruation. May it be the 21 century where using different type of sanitary products one can forget about this issue still its our body and it will make us remember. Ginger is an herb that has amazing role in day to day life of women. Suffering with menstrual cramps tries having Ginger tea and see the result. Nausea, morning sickness ginger remains your answer. Lower back pain again during menstruation, before or after ginger is what you should look out for. (Ginger :Health Benefits)

  • Shatavari :
Shatavari or "Asparageus racemosus" is a well known Ayurvedic herb from the Himalayas. Roots of this plant have some amazing properties that especially for an women. Ayurveda recommends the use of this herb for two reasons one is for general health and giving strength to the body. In case of women’s this herb is well known to provide strength to the uterus. Secondly the roots are galactogogue (to improve breast milk), for all those who suffer with this issue during child birth this herb is the number one choice.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Benefits of Mango

Mangoes also known as the King of the Fruits Kingdom are very undervalued here in North America. It is because of less availability or may be people hardly know what to expect from the fruit. In the world of quick transportation, where one can have fresh fruits transported from one continent to other easily. So what are the benefits of Mango...? Let us see...

Now it is for a reason why this fruit is known as the King of Fruits. A mango is beneficial to human kind in many ways and form. Start from the stages of the fruit, raw fruits have its own benefits, ripe fruits too and lastly even barks and flowers have their own benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

Raw Mango:
  • Raw Mango is basically unripe mango which is sour in taste and hence according to Ayurveda works on lot of principles of Sour Taste. Green in colour when unripe, this raw mango can be either used by boiling it in water or drying it to make into a powder.
  • Boiled raw mangoes mixed with sugar, cumin and pinch of salt can really help if you are suffering wit heat stroke or prickly heat this summer.
  • Dried mango powder or also know in India as Aamchur is a great aid for digestive system. It increases the bile and also acts as an intestinal antiseptic. (5 Ways to Increase Appetite )
  • Raw Mangoes are also known to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and increase blood cells, thus helping those suffering with anaemia.

Ripe Mango:
  • Normally this is what we get in many stores here in North America. Fresh Golden yellowish mangoes which are sweet to taste. According to the doshas mangoes generally decreases elevated Vatta dosha and Pitta Dosha.
  • They would normally increase digestion and because of their high fibrous contains relieves constipation.
  • Ayurveda regards them as good for mothers to increase milk production. In males they are known as aphrodisiac. Not only they boost the sex drive and stamina, but also work on issues like erectile disorders and premature ejaculation.

Other Parts:
  • Leaves of Mango tree are well known to work against early stages of Diabetes. Soak them in water over night and have the freshly squeezed juice for Diabetes. Same is true with powder of those leaves. (How to Control Diabetes?)
  • Gum infection can be controlled with help of flowers of mangoes. Gargle made with decoction of the flowers control them. (Home Remedies for Toothache?)
  • Mango tree barks decoction is believed to work excellent in diphtheria and other throat issues.

So if you are heading out today at the grocery store try enjoying this King of Fruits and see how it can benefit you.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

4 Steps to Relieve Bloating

Each one of us after a nice meal does suffer with a slight amount of Bloating. For some due to certain food like beans, cabbage, cheese get more bloated creating many issues. Bloating is normal for women’s during their menstrual cycle. Though this is not a huge issue still some times that can cause a huge trouble & embarrassment. Flatulence, burping, stomach pain can be few ways that this bloating shows up. Here are few of ways that one can control bloating.

  • External Application
External application of something warm like a hot towel, or hot bath can help in reducing bloating. But if that does not works a combination of cooking oil(warm),asafoetida, salt mix together an applied on stomach can work magic even with infants.

  • Herbs for Internal Use
Our Kitchen has some magic herbs that can help in lot of simple health issues. Asafoeitda an herb cum mineral has known to be an antidote for bloating especially caused by beans and other vegetables. Use a pinch or more while cooking and one may not even face bloating.
Roasted Garlic (Health benefits of Garlic ), roasted cumin seeds, roasted fennel seeds are well known to help one if suffering with bloating.
Hot water with fennel seeds, cumin's seeds works the same magic too.( Health benefits of Fennels Seeds )

Life style changes
  • Walking
Elders in India always advised that after every meal one should walk at least for 100 paces. This walk is known to help digest food, reduce bloating. It is not hard for any one of us to do that... Just walk after meal and see how one can get relief from bloating.

  • Yoga
Yogis recommend simple poses like Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose for issues like this. Results are also seen for women who suffer with pre menstruation bloating by trying this asana during, before and after menstrual cycles.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Herbs to Manage Pain

Pain an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that each one of us I am sure that have gone through once in their life time. The search for pain killers should have started since the time humans have evolved, and yes it still continues. Pain can be because of much reason tissue damage, inflammation bringing a sense of discomfort to the part. Headache, Back Pain, Lower back pain , stomach pain and more type of pain one could be seen. Major diseases like Arthritis can also cause pain. Can herbs take care of pain? Yes why not... here are some of the herbs that can mange pain since ancient times.

  • Ginger
Ayurveda highly recommends Ginger when it comes to pain. Ranging from pain due to Arthritis to simple low back pain ginger can work magic. Even for a small infant ginger can be magic. New research have shown that ginger lowers one prostaglandin levels thus showing the magic result of pain management similar to aspirin or even better than that.
Ayurveda although differentiate fresh ginger properties and dry ginger powder... still both of them can work for pain. Application of dried ginger paste on the arthritic knee joint can work wonders to reduce the pain. So is the true with ginger paste for headaches... (Benefits of Ginger)

  • Clove
The spice that has history since the age of spice trade is well known for its cure of tooth pain. Facing with tooth pain the best immediate cure that one can look for is the oil of clove. A decayed tooth, infection face any issue with the tooth pain clove oil can help. New research also speaks highly about clove oil to kills infection similar as an antiseptic.

  • Asafoetida
Suffer for stomach pain well here is the simple small herbs cum mineral know only to Asian communities called as Asafoetida. ( Read more about Asafoetida ). Colicky pain in infants one of the most trouble issue for many parents this herb works magic. Mix some salt and this herbal powder with oil and then apply on the infants stomach. You can see the result in just half hour. ...try it. Bean can create a lot of stomach pain if we could not digest them properly. Asafoetida can reduce the pain caused due to this indigestion.

  • Bosweil Seertia
Salai as known to Ayurveda, in Latin Bosweil Seerita has been used from time long to manage pain for arthritis and other pain. Not just joint pain but even for inflammatory bowel disorder IBS         this herb has showed wonderful result. ( Yoga and IBS )Researches have shown that that bark contains a resin that thwarts chemical reaction that involves inflammation. Speak with your herbalist to know more about this herb and use it.

  • Red Pepper
Red Pepper is well known to relieve pain as they contain the famous chemical salicylates. Hey we eat this salicylates in a refine form is what we know as aspirin the pain killer. Many of current herbal ointment have red pepper as the main ingredients for mainly muscular pain and even pain in joints. But do not try this red pepper as it is as it can burn our tongue... Beware.... (Read more about Peppers )

Pain is something that each one has to face some time in life time. These and many other herbs can reduce the severity of pain, but cannot assure that anything can completely stop it. Pain after all is a way of our body telling us that something is wrong. As Zen may say...be in the present....

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