Friday, April 29, 2011

Sore Throat: Food to Avoid

Sore Throat is a well known condition that normally can trouble a person for a day or two. But often I have seen many people facing these issues for days, even after taking proper medication. Herbs, Gargle, Ginger tea can really work magic in curing Sore Throat but still many times the affected person does not show any improvement. Looking closely on some of my close friends and clients I soon found out the culprit for such long sore throat which has not been responding to any medication. Well the culprit is our Life style and Diet Pattern no one else... Ayurveda speaks highly about this two when it comes to keep one healthy and also to heal a condition.
Here are few Life style Changes and Dietary no go for all those suffering with Sore Throat.

Food to Avoid during Sore Throat

  • Ice Cold Water, Pop and other Cold BPeverages :
Many young kids love to have Popsicles or ice cold water even when they are facing sore throat. Some says that it soothes the throat which is why they enjoy such thing. According to Ayurveda Cold or “sheet” is a property that is dominated by Vatta dosha, drinking such cold would increase Vatta, further causing dryness or “ruksta” as an after effect. This would definitely increase one’s sore throat. (Ice Cold Water : Read more  here )
  • Dry Food :
Salted Crackers, biscuits are some of the example of dried food group that many increase dryness in our throat area. Again the same principle of increase dryness or ruksta can increase sore throat.
  • Citrus Sour  Fruits :
One needs to avoid Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons when suffering from Sore throat. Proper explanation though lacks in this case still research done by American Cancer Society shows that patients undergoing cancer treatment do suffer with sore throat and show tendacy for increase sore throat after eating such fruits.
  • Fried Spicy Food :
Many people in India even after facing sore throat choose to eat spicy, deep fried items like bhajjis, samasos. It is advisable that such food spicy, fried items should be avoided during sore throat. Such food are very hard to digest remains one of the explanation.
  • Alcohol and Caffeine :
Yes I myself indulge in some alcohol to soothe my sore throat, hey that know how is well know. But still it is advisable not to drink alcohol or even excess caffeine during such sore throat infection. Both of which normally dries our throat which increase hoarseness.
  • Milk and Milk Product :
Warm milk is ok in small amount but just milk or any other milk products like yoghurt, buttermilk, and cheese should be restricted too.

Life Style to Avoid
  • Polluted Area :
If you work in a much polluted area, or in place where one used high amount of chemicals it would helpful if one restricts such areas altogether. Air-Pollutants might increase sore throat is a well known thought.
  • Biking :
Refrain yourself from going on a motor bike or scooter with no helmet and letting one’s face splattered with hot or cold wind. Although rare in North America still many people in developing countries do commute on motor bikes without helmet. Air in excess can worsen the sore throat.

So what do you say? Give it a try and see the results ...

Posted by Sudeep

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