Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

The difference between Indian restaurant in India and in North America aside from the Indian food is that of fennel seeds.Fennel seeds that normally end up eating after a  nice Indian meal may it be North Indian or South Indian in any restaurant in India.(Yes even in Five star too).Now if you think why is this is just a fade then I beg to differ. Health has been part of the Indian food culture and here the fennel seeds are some how connected to health. Here are some health benefits of fennel seeds

Health Benefit of Fennel Seeds

  • Digestive Effects
One of the chief reason why fennel seeds are served after meal is for their digestive properties. According Ayurveda they are well known to increase digestive fire which helps in digestion.
Suffer with indigestion fennel has the answer to reduce the trouble,colicky pain face by infants simple fennel seed tea is the solution. Heart burn due to digestion try this seeds and see the result.( Read more on Heart Burn )
Having  loose motions try a hot tea of fennel seeds and see the result. Atleast you would not have those bad cramps and yes those lose motions would also decrease.
  • Mouth Freshener
If you are those who chew Gum for bad breath well here is your answer. Start using this after any meal you eat and see the difference. Since ancient time fennel seeds are known to treat and keep away Halitosis or Bad Breath( Read more on Bad Breath )
And yes speaking of Odour well eating fennel seeds would also reduce bad body odor if you face it …

  • Women and Fennel
For all those women's who face with PMS symptoms of bloating fennel seeds should be your BFF(best friends forever). Make a cup of nice fennel ginger tea and sip it one daily during or before your menstrual cycle.
Fennel seeds have also known as  galactagogue  meaning it promotes lactation in humans. In some ancient cultures fennel seeds have also been known to increase breast size. Well try if you wanted no harm right …

  • Eyes Issues
Ancient Romans known this spice as the herb of sight. Raw seeds eaten daily are known to keep one’s vision healthy. New animal research have shown that fennel seeds have potential to treat glaucoma. ( Ayurveda Eye Care )
So nothing wrong in popping some of these beneficial seeds after meal .At least one can say they have better properties than our chewing gum right ….

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