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Do you Regularly De-Worm Your Kids?

De-Worming meaning intake of any kind of anti helmintic herb or drug to eliminate different types of worms that usually manifest in our digestive system. Simple as it sounds I was surprised to hear from mom’s here in North America that they think it is something that they have never heard. Some have a notion that it is needed more in the Third World Country rather than here.

Worms in the 21 Century:

In 1998 UNICEF reports that around 1.5 billion people have round worm infection  making it third most common infection in the world, while around 1 billion suffer with whip worms infection. Same is the picture with regards to tape worm and hookworm. Now you get it how trouble some are this tiny worms. A simple lick by your pet, or walk in the garden, or some uncooked meat pork or beef in your meal is enough to spread such worms.

Signs and Symptoms:
Normally when one has worms the first and foremost thing one can see is increase hunger, sometimes loss of weight too. An infant may just cry during night time, showing a little discomfort in stomach, salivation in sleep, irritability are some of the signs and symptoms that your kid or even you might show.

Simple De Worming:

Now the choice one may have for de-worming might be as simple as a drink or tablets from your local physician. But can we have some other options instead of those tablets. Here are few day to day herbs, fruits that can help in de-worming.
  • Pomegranate
Ayurveda highly recommends the use of pomegranate fruit especially for its anti-heleminthic property. It’s the seeds that actually have the property to kill worms so try not to drink the juice of this fruit or spit those seeds out. Chew them as much as possible
  • Pumpkin Seeds

The importance of Pumpkin is not just for thanksgiving but actually it can play a huge role for our health. Read more over benefits of Pumpkin here. Roasted seeds of pumpkin have been eaten for long time to cure issues in regards to intestinal worms. Why not give it a try and have them as snacks.  
  • Ginger/Garlic/Turmeric
These herbs cum spice are very familiar to you, I bet. But do you know they also are very effective in eradicating intestinal worms. Have a ginger tea, or eat some raw or sautéed garlic, add some turmeric in your food and see how they work on our body.

Understand that yes even if you and your kids are well protected and keep good body hygiene it’s not your loss to have some of the herbs and spice in diet to keep your kids safe from this worms. Going out for a vacation think of de-worming before and after for sure ...simple tips for simple issues.

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