Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carbon Foot Prints and Hay Fever : The Connection

I did not celebrate the Earth Hour this time and yes I feel horrible to say about that. Missed it... Sorry folks. I am sure some of you have been active in celebrating this precious hour to reduce our Carbon Foot Prints. Now do you know our carbon foot print has something to do with Hay Fever? Well have a look at this story....

What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever is basically a condition that is suffered by many of us either seasonal especially during the spring time or fall or yearly. Hay fever is also known in medical term as Allergic rhinitis which means in simple terms as inflammation to the nasal passage. It starts with increase nasal secretion, itching, sneezing and sometimes nasal obstruction more further one may have a small fever if the symptoms got worst. The biggest culprit of hay fever is the pollens that are normally found during particular season or in some areas all year around.

What has Our Carbon Footprint to do with Hay Fever?

A study was conducted all around Europe due to the simple fact of increase amount of people facing Hay fever or some kind of allergies. Scientist first thought that it could be global warming but more data co related from the Agriculture department showed that trees produced more pollen that usual in these years of increase allergies.
In-dept research finally concluded that increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere has to be blamed for increase pollens. More interesting the study also speaks of trees in urban area producing more pollen; do not require a genius to tell that is where more CO2 levels could be found. Read more on this study on BBC Health
That is how our carbon foot prints are going to affect us in long run.

Gone are the days when a disease could be just treated with giving medication to the patient. Life style medication change in the style of we live is what is require in the new world. Lifestyles where we humans can co exist with nature and not rule the nature. Increase in pollen could be just a start of the nature reaction to our human dirty acts.
So the next time you see someone sneeze or has hay fever, tell them how they can control it in a broad perspective by reducing carbon foot prints. What do you say? Read more here

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