Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Big No for Desserts after Meal!!!

After every dinner each one of us has a craving for sweets, some may look out for cheese cake or ice creams and for some a small chocolate is enough. Gone are the days when desserts used to be something that we would eat during Easter Dinner, Christmas or family get together. Our economic growth has changed a lot of our lifestyle, what we eat and when. So is this habit good to have dessert after meal? What has Ayurveda speaks about desserts? Here are some thoughts for your grey cells....Let me know what do you think !!

Meal and After Effect:

When we are hungry we do eat food, food that satisfies our hunger. As we eat through our meal, blood flows towards the stomach, while reducing its flow to the brain as some research says. No this decrease of blood flow to brain causes some tiredness, laziness which we all know right ...Here comes our dessert which many think can help motivate the brain. Do not ask me how and why here no explanation.
Digesting Desserts:

Desserts after all are glucose or in many cases mixture of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates. Reading about Rasa or Tastes we know that sweets are classified in to Madhur Ras as similar to rice, wheat, and many other proteins too. (Read more about Madhur Ras )
If you got that in your mind understand that Ayurveda speaks that to digest Madhur rasa which is very “guru” or heavy to digest. A small bite might be ok but a big chunk of chocolate cheese cake is different here.
Our hunger is a meaning that our body is ready with all its digestive fire to digest what comes in our mouth. As we eat this, agni or digestive fire slowly start working on all that is eaten. (Effects of Doshas on Agni )
So what would be the best time to eat a dessert which is consider very heavy to digest. Start or the end...well consider this example now ...We have small fire burning for a while, it’s about to end and suddenly we decide to add a huge log to that fire. Do you think that the fire would continue to burn? Do you think that log would fully get burned? So now if I add that log of the wood even in the start it might be trouble right...
So what do you think....this is just a though for your grey cells to think and decide.

When to Eat Dessert Then?

Well the best time to eat dessert would be in our meals and not at the end of the meal. Our body might digest them well if we start eating them in this way. Secondly if you really feel that giddiness then just have a small bite of fennel seeds, small amount of dates, or dried fruits might make the difference. Folks think about this argument … try it and see the difference....

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