Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Ways to Tune Our Body This Spring

Spring is finally here in Canada, birds are out now, so are the squirrels, the trees soon would have leaves. The first change that happens to us during this spring time is that we think about changing our car tires from winter to summer, oiling the car. So yesterday as I was doing all that stuff I thought if we do such tune ups for our car why do not we do for our body as season changes. If a non living object like car does requires such changes as the weather change do not you think that even our human body would require certain life style change. Here are of few lifestyle changes or Tune ups that I have come up with for this Spring

1) Let us Clean our Physical Body :
Spring time is all about cleaning all those clutters not just in our homes or cars but also time to clean our physical body. ( Why One Should Detox During Spring?) Detoxification is often recommended by Ayurveda during the change of season time. This spring time one can think of a nice detox, no need for a crazy routines but simple detox like fasting can help one to be healthy. (Why One Should Fast?) Here are some more ways that one could detox during this spring. Read more here.

2) Why not Oil Our Body?
As we oil our cars every season changes let us oil our body too. Ayurveda always speak highly of oil application on our body known as Abyanga ( Read more about benefits of Abynaga ) Any natural oil extracted from plant source have properties that are very useful for our human body, Sesame seed oil (Benefits of Sesame seed Oil) is one of them. Apply all over the body for increasing one’s immunity, keeping one healthy for the next season. (Read more about Fats and their benefits )

3) Fresh Food is a Treat for our Body
Yes we stay in a world of 21 century, where we eat any fruit, vegetable all the 12 months of the year. But alas very if you ever knew what a freshly grown vegetable taste like, a fresh green salad picked recently then yes spring is the season that many would wait for. Fresh Maple syrup is also a delight in this season. Such freshly grown supply of vegetables and fruits and plants products are all important for our in general health and immunity.

4) Clean Fresh Air and Sunlight:
Get out of the darkness of your home and go get some fresh oxygen and sunlight. Spending winter here in Canada not just means cold weather but also darkness. Spring brings the sun out, and yes sunlight is must for our body. So head out in open, get that sun shine on your body, enjoy the fresh oxygen that the plants produce as they bud.

5) Lastly Meditate:
Mindful meditation can replace not a single thing in this world. Take some time from your busy schedule and meditate, may be work on your deep breathing, or work on some Koans. Choose your ways to relax and detox our mind. Well it should not feel bad that it has not been worked on.

What do you think? Do you think such tune ups of our own body is needed. The why wait... try it today.

Posted by Sudeep

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