Friday, March 18, 2011

Onion: Simple Home Remedies

Onions are known for their healing benefits since ancient times. The Egyptian had a belief that they are somewhat connected to the eternal life because of their spherical  shape and concentric rings. In Greece they were known to provide straight for the Gladiators to fight, and also used to pure blood. Well the use of Onions has been done extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, but here I am not going to speak about those, here are just few pointers on use Onions for home remedies.

1) Common Cold and Cough:
Well what is the best remedy for common cold, cough, fever and sore throat well Onion is the answer. Juice of fresh onion with jaggery or onion can work magic for sore throat and other conditions. The same remedy works well even with allergies. ( Home remedy for Sore Throat )
Suffering with high grade fever well till you visit your doctor cut a large white onion and just apply it on the forehead. It would not reduce the fever quickly but defiantly prevents any other side effects of fever. (How to handle Fever?)

2) Nasal Bleed:
Epistaxsis is a condition caused because of many reasons when one bleeds from the nose. Well if you have an onion in your home simply cut it open and let the person breathe the smell of fresh cut onion. The bleeding would soon decrease.

3)  Insomnia:
Did you know that if you eat every day one onion during your dinner it can help you with your sleep. Try it today and see... ( 5 steps to Sleep well Tonight )

4) Digestion and Appetite:
Onion in Ayurveda are known to increase digestive juices which thus increases digestion. Not just that because of their intake one can also have an healthy appetite. For those teenagers who do not gain weight easily or who are always lethargic,Onions are god send. Use them daily and see the results.

5) Aphrodisiac:
Onions from time long have been known as aphrodisiac, not just for us men folk, but even for the women's onion can increases once sex drive. ( 5 Herbs to Increase your Passion )

6) Insect Bites, Burns :
Burn wound , bee bites are some of the common health hazards where a poultice made of up of fresh onion can work magic. In the tribal area of Maltese tribes even use the same poultice to treat sea urchins bite. ( Home Remedies for Insect Bites )

Here are just simple home remedies that one can use just when as one wait for your physician’s appointment. Try it, no harm done ….

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