Friday, March 25, 2011

Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil or also known in Sanskrit as “ Til tail ” or in some parts of the world known as Gingelly oil is derived from  small seeds known as sesame seeds. The importance of sesame seed oil is known right in its own word, note the word for oil in Sanskrit “tail” is word derived from the word “til” which means sesame seeds. True to its importance sesame seed oil has large health benefits speaking from an Ayurvedic perspective. Here are some of its health benefits.

  • Immune Booster:
Apply warm sesame seed oil all over the body a process known as Abyanga. Well according to ancient ayurvedic text such application is known to increase our immunity. Flu season and all those kind of crazy season apply this oil and protect yourself.(Read more about Massage or Abaynaga )

  • Body Builder and Muscle Toner:
Sesame seed oil has a strange benefit for a thin person if this oil is applied would help them to build the muscles, even tone it. Wrestlers in old India used to apply this oil every day to maintain the muscle tone.

  • Joint Flexibility:
Oil is basically a kind of fat, in humans such fat can be found first and foremost were two cells joint or basically if you look  at a larger picture  where there is a joint. The need of oiling is often necessary for our cars so is true of our bodies too. A regular application of this oil all over the skeleton system especially major joints like the knee, elbow, and shoulder helps them with flexibility and also protects them from other health conditions.( Fighting pain because of Arthritis )

  • Mild Laxative:
Those suffering with hard stools are often advised by esteemed Vaidya’s to have small amount of this oil as it can work even as laxative. Have it with Luke warm water every day in the morning to see the results.(10 ways to cure Constipation)

  • Oral Health:
A simple technique known as Kaval and Gandush or also known as Oil pulling is very effective to keep good oral health. The major component of these techniques is basically the use of sesame seed oil. (Read more about Kaval and Gandush )
85% of reduction of bacteria has been seen by students of Maharishi International College in Fairfield,Iowa after the use of this oil for mouth gargling.

Other than those stated above sesame seed oil is also good for the skin especially if one requires a glow on the skin. So what are you waiting for try this oil and see...

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