Friday, March 11, 2011

Health Benefits of Maple Tree (According to Natives)

Spring is round the corner and one way that to know is by the busy production of the sap from all the Maple trees here in Canada. We all know the multiple benefits of Maple syrup ( Read more about the Maple Syrup and its Benefits here)  for our health, but did you know that Natives in North America and even in Europe area used Maple tree leaves, barks for lot of health issues. Yes one can find many different varieties of Maple all around the world, here we are about to know what those different Maples are beneficial.

External Use of Maple Tree:
  • The Ojibwa and the Cherokee tribes use a decoction of the inner bark of red or silver maple as a wash for sore eyes.
  • The Penobscot tribes used striped maple or moose head for swollen limbs. They made poultice of the barks and the leaves of these trees. Swollen limbs, limbs that where paralyses, where to be washed by the decoction of the maple barks.
  • Massage Oil made from the young maple leaves are used by some tribes to sooth sore muscles.
  • Looking some treatment for running sores, well treat them with decoction made from maple bark and see the difference.

Internal Use of Maple Tree:
  • The bark decoction is normally very astringent to taste.(Read more Astringent Taste) Hence most of the maple bark can used to treat nausea.
  • Maple bark is also known for curing cough, cold bronchitis and even dysentery. Make a nice tea or decoction will do the work.
  • A decoction of branches barks of Maple tree with Amelanchier is said to be used to heal women’s insides after child birth. Ohh yes this also promotes lactation in the women.

With all this information I was surprised to find out not a single research paper published or not a single use of this trees bark or any other parts for any health condition. Do we still think that those entire native know how was hoax. If your answer is negative then check out all the options we can to keep this know how in circulation.

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