Friday, March 4, 2011

Health Benefit of Amalaki (Indian Goose Berries)

Amala also known as Amalaka in Sanskrit or Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis in Latin is a fruit of great importance if you stay in India and its subcontinent. Ayurveda too regards this fruits as one of the best Rasayan or tonics in the Universe. Why is this fruit so important, well here are few pointers that might help you know more about Amala.

a) Stay Young & Healthy with Amalki
Fruits eaten during the season are known to help one to stay young as possible. Not only one gets relief from grey hairs or even premature greying but this fruit is well known to boost one’s immune system so one can stay healthy. Research also shows that one’s red blood cells production is stimulated and so is cellular regeneration which is greatly needed for one to stay healthy and young.

b) Healthy Eyes
Amalaki is one of the fruit that is known for every Ayurvedic Vaidya or Consultant as a fruit that is best for our eyes. Ayurveda speak very high of this fruit as not just it keeps our eyes from degeneration but also help treat eye condition like glaucoma. If you have glasses then think of having this fruit to reduce and help your eye sight.

c) Good Digestion:
Face with issue with digestive tract, let it be heart burn (Home remedies for Heart burn) or constipation or even diarrhoea amalaki remains your answer. Yes its unusual for a fruit to work both to stop excessive bowel moments and even start good healthy bowel movements.
If you have less appetite or your body do not digest well then again amalaki can help you to boost your digestive fire thus boosting one’s metabolism.

d) Diabetes, Cholesterol and other Issues:
Being astringent in taste Ayurveda highly recommends this fruits for all those who suffer with diabetes. Not just it controls sugar but its work on pancreas is well known.
Amalki is also known to reduce cholesterol as well as triglycerides level in our blood. A great choice for everyone right......

Now if you wonder how can we enjoy this fruit here in North America, well one may have many choices, either look out for its dried fruit powder. One another thing that is available in the market is compound or Jam called as Chayvanprash. Eat it daily early morning and see the results.

Posted by Sudeep

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