Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handling Prickly Heat

Here in Canada as the sun shines during the early spring day brings lot of cheer to everyone. The story is different in other parts of the world; the Indian continent is currently turning hot due the hot sunny days coming soon. Yes the summer has not officially started but one can feel the effects. And what best to know that the summer has started is by the arrival of the prickly heat on skins of kids and adults. Here in this article I would love to write some know how about them, how to heal them and even ways to prevent them from happening.

What is Prickly Heat?

Prickly Heat … what is it? Well this is a seasonal condition of the skin that one gets affected because of excessive sweating. The medical terminology of this condition is Miliaria rubra .
Heavy sweating or perspiration during these months causes blockage of the sweat glands on the skin further causing the body heat trapped inside. Normally the prickly heat starts with simple red bums on the skin may be accompanied with itching, burning sensation and even tingling.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat:
The first and foremost response from every one when one sufferers with this issue is to use some kind of powder to dry off the skin. My suggestion is to first and foremost shower with cold or Luke- warm water before doing any of those application. If the option of shower is not available, at least dape the sweat or perspiration on the body first.

1] Roasted Corn flour has been long used as a remedy for prickly heat. The Natives here in North America used Corn flour for excessive sweating. Just a dape of this corn flour can give the same relief as one get from talcum powder without any side effects.
2] A well known recommendation by Ayurveda is to mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder, coriander seeds powder with some rose water. Applying this paste on the affected skin after a nice shower gives a huge relief.
3] Application of garam flour powder with milk and turmeric as a soap during shower . The application cleanses skin pores which is what some times is required in this condition.
4] Watermelon is also something that gives good help. Cut open them and just rub all over the affected area with the red part of the fruit. Its cooling try it …

Preventing Prickly Heat?
Yes yes one can prevent this from happening here are few small tips …

1] Start now …. a good detox your body before the summer starts... well that is why it is called as Spring detox .( Read : Ways to Detox this Spring)
2] Indian Goose berries (Amala) is the answer.... simple go ahead and have some fresh amala if possible , if not go for some nice juice freshly made.(Health benefits of Amala ). Juices of different summer fruits like mango, pineapple can work in the same way.
3] It is advisable that one should wear cotton clothes rather than nylon or polyester that normally are known to take up heat.

So why wait for the summer to actually start get ready to fit the prickly heat.

Posted by Sudeep

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