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Can Yoga Cure Obesity?

Practising Yoga for several years now and currently in the field of Health I normally tend to advice lot of my clients to try yoga when they ask about losing weight. Many of them feel weird with that suggestion, which I agree sometimes too. Our belief of losing weight is very clear, some sort of diet, heading out to gym, working on thread mill and losing some fats.( 5 Tips for getting in shape on Budget)  of he what is the role of yoga here.... well in this article I would try to understand this thought. How yoga can help Obesity? To understand this let us quickly have a look on what makes us fat?

Causes :
Look around and one may find many books and research paper dedicated on causes of Obesity. Some say it might be because of our diet that is either high in Carbohydrates, or Fats or even Proteins.( Know your Glycemic Index to lose Weight ) Lifestyle has also been blamed , we are inactive a lot, so we are stressed. Anger, Agitation, Bore doom, Lack of self esteem and lastly loneliness is somewhat common creating an urge to look out for junk making us obese.

Yoga and its Benefits:
Well I do not have to speak to you in detail about all the benefit of yoga , you know them but still have a doubt when someone says a statement like this. When one starts working with yoga and meditation the first and foremost thing that happens is that you work your complete physical body. Yes you are not working just your triceps or your abdomen or even your calf muscles, every single ligament is been worked on here. And if you think about one particular area then yes yoga has asanas for such things
Secondly look at the mental picture after doing a yoga class. An amateur yoga student can tell you what happens to one’s mood after yoga.(How to do Trataka Meditation? ) One gets calms down, a feeling of fullness is achieved, a real subtle mind is achieved here. Well lets look out how this can help in our issue.
Yoga and Meditation both work first on all of your endocrine system. The system that really gets screwed if one is obese. It’s a continuous cycle of our body that goes from thinking about junk food, to eating them and then later again feeling hungry after some time. Here is the area where yoga helps one. Not just that yoga gives a person a mental strength to actually go ahead with a program. Well we all know that we move from one diet pattern to other as we do not get results. Hey stick with one diet sincerely and result is yours. (How to do Breathing Meditation?)

Yes Yoga and Meditation if done regularly can help a person who is trying to lose weight. Yes one can say that diet alone or exercise alone is not the way to lose weight, in the same way yoga alone cannot work too.  So why not give it a try ….

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