Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Commute; Try This for a Change

So for the last few months I have been driving a lot especially in the early morning and the evening traffic. Here is the point where I realized how much effect traffic has on our own health. Thousands and thousands of us worldwide do travel every day, so by car stuck in traffic, some by train or some by subway, whatever is the mode the effect on our day to day life is same. Stress, anger, frustration, mood swings, neck pain, leg pain are all somewhat common to all of us due to this commute. We could not stop commuting as we have to work, but what we can do is reduce those hazards is simple change some our lifestyle. Here are few that I can think about and use in my day to day life :

Music :
Hey a good music is always a nice solution for commute what do you say ? Yes we have our iPhone, iPods with us all the time. Just tune in with something that one can enjoy and try commuting. Music makes a huge difference choose something relaxing you would go o sleep while other might make you go nuts. Yes we do not want both those kind while commuting, don’t we, so try balancing with some nice music

Reading/ Listening Books:
If you are those intellectual that love books then why do we use that commute time troubling our self. Read a nice book or even if you are driving listen to some nice audio books. My personal preference remains books for the morning commute when my mind is clear and some nice music in the evening when I really need to de stress.

Deep Breathing:
Traffic causes delays casing frustration eventually causing high blood pressure, tension, and stress. Why not stop all the early symptoms by simple deep breathing. Let some fresh oxygen go deep in our body and relax our muscles of both brain and the body.
Try deep breathing as you drive, when you are sitting in a subway or waiting for one and see the difference it makes to your day.(Read more on Breathing Meditation)

Eyes Work Out :
Here is one simple work out that I normally do when I am driving. its kind a nice work out for my eye muscles which get tired and sore after working 8 hours on the computer. When my car stops at the red light, I just stare at the red light for a while. If you know yoga, one may know that it is very similar like doing Tratak. (Read more how to do Tratak) Try it and relax and work out those muscles of your eyes.

Physical Stretch:
Some of us have very sedimentary jobs; we sit in a office chair for the whole 8 hours of the day. For all those commute can be something physical. Then why not use that time doing some stretch. Try stretching your legs, rotating those shoulders, doing simple moments of every single major joints of the body. At least would relax you, ohh and well increase your appetite and digestion too.( 5 Ways to Increase Appetite )

So next time if you are commuting try some of this and well do let me know if some of this works for you or not. Hey it’s good to share one’s experience....

Posted by Sudeep

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