Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Ways to Increase Appetite

One of our basic needs to live is to eat. Yes we need to eat to survive, that desire that one’s body give to us is also known as hunger or appetite. A person with good appetite is a person who is healthy such is the notion of Ayurveda. Unluckily in the world of dieting, weight loss and all that stuff the word “appetite” has a very bad take. Stress, dieting, late night parties and many more of such 21 century lifestyle leads to a very unusual routine leading to reduced appetite. Many people would eat meal just because it is time to eat rather than they are hungry. Well ayurveda says do not eat please if you are not hungry. Here are few ways that one can increase our appetite.

1] Hot water:
Water has lots of unusual qualities in it, rather opposite qualities one could say. I have said earlier that Ice cold water is not good for health, but here that same water if heated could be boosting our appetite.
Drink couple of sips of hot water half to one hour before meals and see the effects on the appetite. Try it today ….

2] Fasting:
Yes a good fasting can lead to increase appetite. I know that many of you do not believe it.. Well check this out. Imagine for a while that you party big time this weekend, come Monday morning you hardly have any appetite left for lunch forget the breakfast. According to ayurveda this would be a time to fast a little. See how you appetite would grow by the time you have your supper. (Read More on Fasting )

3] Exercise and Yoga :
Well we know that when we exercise or do yoga we are going to lose calories. Yes then if we are going to lose some calories, our body is bound to feel the hunger after we did that stuff. Why not work out a little just before our meals to increase our appetite.

4] Ginger:
I am deeply found of this herb and hence in many of my articles you may find this herb coming again and again. ( Benefits of Ginger )Ginger is like a life saving herb in my world and yes it has always kept that name. Have a pinch of chopped ginger with a drop of lime juice and some sea salt just before your meals. See the effect this combination have on your appetite then...

5] Black Pepper:
Black pepper a spice that had value  more than gold couple of centuries ago, is well known for its digestive properties. Ayurveda recommends this herb especially for those whose appetite has been low due to chronic health condition like cancer,fibromylagia,low grade fever for long time.
Mix some dry powder of black pepper and sugar and try it before meals and enjoy the gain of appetite.  (Benefits of Peppers)

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