Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Commute; Try This for a Change

So for the last few months I have been driving a lot especially in the early morning and the evening traffic. Here is the point where I realized how much effect traffic has on our own health. Thousands and thousands of us worldwide do travel every day, so by car stuck in traffic, some by train or some by subway, whatever is the mode the effect on our day to day life is same. Stress, anger, frustration, mood swings, neck pain, leg pain are all somewhat common to all of us due to this commute. We could not stop commuting as we have to work, but what we can do is reduce those hazards is simple change some our lifestyle. Here are few that I can think about and use in my day to day life :

Music :
Hey a good music is always a nice solution for commute what do you say ? Yes we have our iPhone, iPods with us all the time. Just tune in with something that one can enjoy and try commuting. Music makes a huge difference choose something relaxing you would go o sleep while other might make you go nuts. Yes we do not want both those kind while commuting, don’t we, so try balancing with some nice music

Reading/ Listening Books:
If you are those intellectual that love books then why do we use that commute time troubling our self. Read a nice book or even if you are driving listen to some nice audio books. My personal preference remains books for the morning commute when my mind is clear and some nice music in the evening when I really need to de stress.

Deep Breathing:
Traffic causes delays casing frustration eventually causing high blood pressure, tension, and stress. Why not stop all the early symptoms by simple deep breathing. Let some fresh oxygen go deep in our body and relax our muscles of both brain and the body.
Try deep breathing as you drive, when you are sitting in a subway or waiting for one and see the difference it makes to your day.(Read more on Breathing Meditation)

Eyes Work Out :
Here is one simple work out that I normally do when I am driving. its kind a nice work out for my eye muscles which get tired and sore after working 8 hours on the computer. When my car stops at the red light, I just stare at the red light for a while. If you know yoga, one may know that it is very similar like doing Tratak. (Read more how to do Tratak) Try it and relax and work out those muscles of your eyes.

Physical Stretch:
Some of us have very sedimentary jobs; we sit in a office chair for the whole 8 hours of the day. For all those commute can be something physical. Then why not use that time doing some stretch. Try stretching your legs, rotating those shoulders, doing simple moments of every single major joints of the body. At least would relax you, ohh and well increase your appetite and digestion too.( 5 Ways to Increase Appetite )

So next time if you are commuting try some of this and well do let me know if some of this works for you or not. Hey it’s good to share one’s experience....

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Health Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil or also known in Sanskrit as “ Til tail ” or in some parts of the world known as Gingelly oil is derived from  small seeds known as sesame seeds. The importance of sesame seed oil is known right in its own word, note the word for oil in Sanskrit “tail” is word derived from the word “til” which means sesame seeds. True to its importance sesame seed oil has large health benefits speaking from an Ayurvedic perspective. Here are some of its health benefits.

  • Immune Booster:
Apply warm sesame seed oil all over the body a process known as Abyanga. Well according to ancient ayurvedic text such application is known to increase our immunity. Flu season and all those kind of crazy season apply this oil and protect yourself.(Read more about Massage or Abaynaga )

  • Body Builder and Muscle Toner:
Sesame seed oil has a strange benefit for a thin person if this oil is applied would help them to build the muscles, even tone it. Wrestlers in old India used to apply this oil every day to maintain the muscle tone.

  • Joint Flexibility:
Oil is basically a kind of fat, in humans such fat can be found first and foremost were two cells joint or basically if you look  at a larger picture  where there is a joint. The need of oiling is often necessary for our cars so is true of our bodies too. A regular application of this oil all over the skeleton system especially major joints like the knee, elbow, and shoulder helps them with flexibility and also protects them from other health conditions.( Fighting pain because of Arthritis )

  • Mild Laxative:
Those suffering with hard stools are often advised by esteemed Vaidya’s to have small amount of this oil as it can work even as laxative. Have it with Luke warm water every day in the morning to see the results.(10 ways to cure Constipation)

  • Oral Health:
A simple technique known as Kaval and Gandush or also known as Oil pulling is very effective to keep good oral health. The major component of these techniques is basically the use of sesame seed oil. (Read more about Kaval and Gandush )
85% of reduction of bacteria has been seen by students of Maharishi International College in Fairfield,Iowa after the use of this oil for mouth gargling.

Other than those stated above sesame seed oil is also good for the skin especially if one requires a glow on the skin. So what are you waiting for try this oil and see...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Ways to Increase Appetite

One of our basic needs to live is to eat. Yes we need to eat to survive, that desire that one’s body give to us is also known as hunger or appetite. A person with good appetite is a person who is healthy such is the notion of Ayurveda. Unluckily in the world of dieting, weight loss and all that stuff the word “appetite” has a very bad take. Stress, dieting, late night parties and many more of such 21 century lifestyle leads to a very unusual routine leading to reduced appetite. Many people would eat meal just because it is time to eat rather than they are hungry. Well ayurveda says do not eat please if you are not hungry. Here are few ways that one can increase our appetite.

1] Hot water:
Water has lots of unusual qualities in it, rather opposite qualities one could say. I have said earlier that Ice cold water is not good for health, but here that same water if heated could be boosting our appetite.
Drink couple of sips of hot water half to one hour before meals and see the effects on the appetite. Try it today ….

2] Fasting:
Yes a good fasting can lead to increase appetite. I know that many of you do not believe it.. Well check this out. Imagine for a while that you party big time this weekend, come Monday morning you hardly have any appetite left for lunch forget the breakfast. According to ayurveda this would be a time to fast a little. See how you appetite would grow by the time you have your supper. (Read More on Fasting )

3] Exercise and Yoga :
Well we know that when we exercise or do yoga we are going to lose calories. Yes then if we are going to lose some calories, our body is bound to feel the hunger after we did that stuff. Why not work out a little just before our meals to increase our appetite.

4] Ginger:
I am deeply found of this herb and hence in many of my articles you may find this herb coming again and again. ( Benefits of Ginger )Ginger is like a life saving herb in my world and yes it has always kept that name. Have a pinch of chopped ginger with a drop of lime juice and some sea salt just before your meals. See the effect this combination have on your appetite then...

5] Black Pepper:
Black pepper a spice that had value  more than gold couple of centuries ago, is well known for its digestive properties. Ayurveda recommends this herb especially for those whose appetite has been low due to chronic health condition like cancer,fibromylagia,low grade fever for long time.
Mix some dry powder of black pepper and sugar and try it before meals and enjoy the gain of appetite.  (Benefits of Peppers)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Onion: Simple Home Remedies

Onions are known for their healing benefits since ancient times. The Egyptian had a belief that they are somewhat connected to the eternal life because of their spherical  shape and concentric rings. In Greece they were known to provide straight for the Gladiators to fight, and also used to pure blood. Well the use of Onions has been done extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, but here I am not going to speak about those, here are just few pointers on use Onions for home remedies.

1) Common Cold and Cough:
Well what is the best remedy for common cold, cough, fever and sore throat well Onion is the answer. Juice of fresh onion with jaggery or onion can work magic for sore throat and other conditions. The same remedy works well even with allergies. ( Home remedy for Sore Throat )
Suffering with high grade fever well till you visit your doctor cut a large white onion and just apply it on the forehead. It would not reduce the fever quickly but defiantly prevents any other side effects of fever. (How to handle Fever?)

2) Nasal Bleed:
Epistaxsis is a condition caused because of many reasons when one bleeds from the nose. Well if you have an onion in your home simply cut it open and let the person breathe the smell of fresh cut onion. The bleeding would soon decrease.

3)  Insomnia:
Did you know that if you eat every day one onion during your dinner it can help you with your sleep. Try it today and see... ( 5 steps to Sleep well Tonight )

4) Digestion and Appetite:
Onion in Ayurveda are known to increase digestive juices which thus increases digestion. Not just that because of their intake one can also have an healthy appetite. For those teenagers who do not gain weight easily or who are always lethargic,Onions are god send. Use them daily and see the results.

5) Aphrodisiac:
Onions from time long have been known as aphrodisiac, not just for us men folk, but even for the women's onion can increases once sex drive. ( 5 Herbs to Increase your Passion )

6) Insect Bites, Burns :
Burn wound , bee bites are some of the common health hazards where a poultice made of up of fresh onion can work magic. In the tribal area of Maltese tribes even use the same poultice to treat sea urchins bite. ( Home Remedies for Insect Bites )

Here are just simple home remedies that one can use just when as one wait for your physician’s appointment. Try it, no harm done ….

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handling Prickly Heat

Here in Canada as the sun shines during the early spring day brings lot of cheer to everyone. The story is different in other parts of the world; the Indian continent is currently turning hot due the hot sunny days coming soon. Yes the summer has not officially started but one can feel the effects. And what best to know that the summer has started is by the arrival of the prickly heat on skins of kids and adults. Here in this article I would love to write some know how about them, how to heal them and even ways to prevent them from happening.

What is Prickly Heat?

Prickly Heat … what is it? Well this is a seasonal condition of the skin that one gets affected because of excessive sweating. The medical terminology of this condition is Miliaria rubra .
Heavy sweating or perspiration during these months causes blockage of the sweat glands on the skin further causing the body heat trapped inside. Normally the prickly heat starts with simple red bums on the skin may be accompanied with itching, burning sensation and even tingling.

Home Remedies for Prickly Heat:
The first and foremost response from every one when one sufferers with this issue is to use some kind of powder to dry off the skin. My suggestion is to first and foremost shower with cold or Luke- warm water before doing any of those application. If the option of shower is not available, at least dape the sweat or perspiration on the body first.

1] Roasted Corn flour has been long used as a remedy for prickly heat. The Natives here in North America used Corn flour for excessive sweating. Just a dape of this corn flour can give the same relief as one get from talcum powder without any side effects.
2] A well known recommendation by Ayurveda is to mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder, coriander seeds powder with some rose water. Applying this paste on the affected skin after a nice shower gives a huge relief.
3] Application of garam flour powder with milk and turmeric as a soap during shower . The application cleanses skin pores which is what some times is required in this condition.
4] Watermelon is also something that gives good help. Cut open them and just rub all over the affected area with the red part of the fruit. Its cooling try it …

Preventing Prickly Heat?
Yes yes one can prevent this from happening here are few small tips …

1] Start now …. a good detox your body before the summer starts... well that is why it is called as Spring detox .( Read : Ways to Detox this Spring)
2] Indian Goose berries (Amala) is the answer.... simple go ahead and have some fresh amala if possible , if not go for some nice juice freshly made.(Health benefits of Amala ). Juices of different summer fruits like mango, pineapple can work in the same way.
3] It is advisable that one should wear cotton clothes rather than nylon or polyester that normally are known to take up heat.

So why wait for the summer to actually start get ready to fit the prickly heat.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Health Benefits of Maple Tree (According to Natives)

Spring is round the corner and one way that to know is by the busy production of the sap from all the Maple trees here in Canada. We all know the multiple benefits of Maple syrup ( Read more about the Maple Syrup and its Benefits here)  for our health, but did you know that Natives in North America and even in Europe area used Maple tree leaves, barks for lot of health issues. Yes one can find many different varieties of Maple all around the world, here we are about to know what those different Maples are beneficial.

External Use of Maple Tree:
  • The Ojibwa and the Cherokee tribes use a decoction of the inner bark of red or silver maple as a wash for sore eyes.
  • The Penobscot tribes used striped maple or moose head for swollen limbs. They made poultice of the barks and the leaves of these trees. Swollen limbs, limbs that where paralyses, where to be washed by the decoction of the maple barks.
  • Massage Oil made from the young maple leaves are used by some tribes to sooth sore muscles.
  • Looking some treatment for running sores, well treat them with decoction made from maple bark and see the difference.

Internal Use of Maple Tree:
  • The bark decoction is normally very astringent to taste.(Read more Astringent Taste) Hence most of the maple bark can used to treat nausea.
  • Maple bark is also known for curing cough, cold bronchitis and even dysentery. Make a nice tea or decoction will do the work.
  • A decoction of branches barks of Maple tree with Amelanchier is said to be used to heal women’s insides after child birth. Ohh yes this also promotes lactation in the women.

With all this information I was surprised to find out not a single research paper published or not a single use of this trees bark or any other parts for any health condition. Do we still think that those entire native know how was hoax. If your answer is negative then check out all the options we can to keep this know how in circulation.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can Yoga Cure Obesity?

Practising Yoga for several years now and currently in the field of Health I normally tend to advice lot of my clients to try yoga when they ask about losing weight. Many of them feel weird with that suggestion, which I agree sometimes too. Our belief of losing weight is very clear, some sort of diet, heading out to gym, working on thread mill and losing some fats.( 5 Tips for getting in shape on Budget)  of he what is the role of yoga here.... well in this article I would try to understand this thought. How yoga can help Obesity? To understand this let us quickly have a look on what makes us fat?

Causes :
Look around and one may find many books and research paper dedicated on causes of Obesity. Some say it might be because of our diet that is either high in Carbohydrates, or Fats or even Proteins.( Know your Glycemic Index to lose Weight ) Lifestyle has also been blamed , we are inactive a lot, so we are stressed. Anger, Agitation, Bore doom, Lack of self esteem and lastly loneliness is somewhat common creating an urge to look out for junk making us obese.

Yoga and its Benefits:
Well I do not have to speak to you in detail about all the benefit of yoga , you know them but still have a doubt when someone says a statement like this. When one starts working with yoga and meditation the first and foremost thing that happens is that you work your complete physical body. Yes you are not working just your triceps or your abdomen or even your calf muscles, every single ligament is been worked on here. And if you think about one particular area then yes yoga has asanas for such things
Secondly look at the mental picture after doing a yoga class. An amateur yoga student can tell you what happens to one’s mood after yoga.(How to do Trataka Meditation? ) One gets calms down, a feeling of fullness is achieved, a real subtle mind is achieved here. Well lets look out how this can help in our issue.
Yoga and Meditation both work first on all of your endocrine system. The system that really gets screwed if one is obese. It’s a continuous cycle of our body that goes from thinking about junk food, to eating them and then later again feeling hungry after some time. Here is the area where yoga helps one. Not just that yoga gives a person a mental strength to actually go ahead with a program. Well we all know that we move from one diet pattern to other as we do not get results. Hey stick with one diet sincerely and result is yours. (How to do Breathing Meditation?)

Yes Yoga and Meditation if done regularly can help a person who is trying to lose weight. Yes one can say that diet alone or exercise alone is not the way to lose weight, in the same way yoga alone cannot work too.  So why not give it a try ….

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