Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Wii Workout Healthy?

Ask a kid or a teenager today how he would like to spend his free time and the answer you get is to play on those Wii games. Hey... do not just blame the kids many adult do enjoy those high tech games. Games like Guitar Hero to Tennis, table tennis all can be played in live action with these games. Now the debate remains is it healthy to play an outdoor game indoor? Does it really help lose calories? (Childhood Obesity). Here in this article we would try to shed some light on this issue...

What are Wii games?
Wii games bought by Nintendo are not just regular video games; they are complex video games where one can play with hand held remote and mimic the action require by the character in the game. Say playing Tennis, if need to shoot the ball you have hit backhand stroke, then you hit in similar fashion. Ohh one can even do yoga with the help of these games.

Can Wii be defined as a Good Exercise?
Yes and No well it depends what is the definition of good exercise? Well Ayurveda speaks of that the movements of each and every  body part made so that one can gain strength, loss weight, increase appetite and metabolism and lastly sweat is what exercise means. Does playing Wii games fit this description?
Well yes in a way it fits little bit not a lot, see you start playing you move your body parts according to the need of the game, one may perspire if you are really playing it hard. It means it depends on you what you play on Wii games... right...
Well to confront this questions I recently found an article researched by ACE or American Council of Exercise who conducted deeper studies with such Wii games. They concluded that such games do increase heart rate, oxygen uptakes and also burned calories but lesser than usual outdoor exercise.

The biggest disadvantage that I see of playing Wii is the lack of free oxygen and sunlight from nature. Playing video games like this will for sure may you more settle in at home rather than getting out into nature. In a way might reduce our immune system in the long run what do you say?

As the ACE speaks in their report that it could not really substitute a real game, still it is better than just sitting at home. Lastly understand that one needs moderation if one does play such games.

Posted by Sudeep

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