Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frozen Food: Some Thought

When I first entered Canada the first thing that caught my eyes are the frozen food section in the grocery stores. Those huge aisles of cooked meals, pizza, burgers and even frozen entree’s yes including the famous India Butter Chicken. My work made me closer to day to day lifestyle of individuals; I saw that frozen foods are not just in store but even cooked at home. A huge bowl of soup cooked and then stored in those huge freezers for a rainy day. What are the thoughts of Ayurveda on eating frozen food? Are they really healthy? Do they offer real health benefits? Do they cause any health issue after over consumption?

Frozen Food: Yesterday and Today.
Freezing of food has been a choice of food storage method use by our ancestors. During winter when no vegetation is in nature we humans use freezing. Humans used to hunt or fish eat what is required and store the rest uncooked in icy grounds. Fishermen used ice to keep fish from getting stale as they bring from the sea to land. It was all about just for some few days in a year that humans ate frozen.
Today well according to a survey conducted by NPD the consumption of frozen food has increased 15 percent since 2004. It is said that more than 75% of all the meals that we Canadian eat are prepared in 15 minutes pretty much saying that we eat more frozen.( Is healthy Cooking so Hard?)

Ayurveda and Frozen Food:
According to Ayurveda one of the first thing that any Frozen food lacks is the “Prana” or the “chi” that is usually found in any cooked or uncooked meal. Every meal has a particular taste, color, odor, freezing the product makes it lose many of those qualities.
Second major reason that Ayurveda speaks against Frozen food is that eating such meals reduces the digestive powers of humans. Property of Cooling or “sheet” a major guna or property of Vatta dosha  is increased. Vatta dosha in excess thus leads to dryness, decrease in appetite and decrease in digestive power hence also producing “ama” or toxins.
Have you noticed a sense of laziness the next day after eating a frozen entree or pizza. This is due to basically decrease digestion leading to undigested food which is also known as ama or toxic material in our body. Senses of laziness, fatigue are just the start but in long run I believe that fibromyalgia has its root in such habits of eating frozen food.(Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia )

So what you say do you agree that frozen food are unhealthy? What are the solutions then? It means no more soups kept in batches right? Well let me tell you one thing in the end. Each one of you have answers of this question. Please take a moment and reflect on this issue to have your own answer. If you feel like sharing your thoughts more than welcome...

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