Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can Yoga Cure Health Conditions?

I have been writing about yoga for the last two years on this blog. Each article speaks about some benefits to human health either to prevent a health condition or treat it like “Savasana or Corpse porse” to treat blood pressure and even insomnia so and SO. During my brief work here in Canada I still find many new people who always when refereed to yoga would question if such slow moving work out, with lots of twist and turns can really heal any health condition. What do you think? Here is what we have today in our hand ….

Yoga and Human Body
“I felt my back pain getting lot better when I started doing “Bhujangasana” or The Cobra poses says one of my clients who was advised to do that pose to help work with her recurrent back pain. Another client who used to have lot trouble with coping with his anger and mood speaks highly of Deep breathing or Pranayama and other yogic poses that has helped him to calm his nerves down.
We all have such stories and hear them all the time about our dear and near ones about yoga and healing a condition. We also know from facts that yoga have effect on our body both physical and mental. After doing yoga for just 15 to 30 minutes a change can be seen in our metabolism, blood work, endocrine system and so and on and on. Then why do still there is doubt in our mind. But even after all this known fact most of the medical community thinks Yoga as a placebo. Why one may ask..... then the answer would be simple... lack of research.

Yoga and Research
The one big reason that yoga still is not that accepted in the medical community is because of the lack of research studies. Yah! One may find millions of research studies but with very few resources and not to the point of authentic work.
One of the known best research study about yoga is one that is done and written by Dr Dean Ornish in his book “Preventing the Heart Diseases”. But again the whole study is not just with regards to yoga but also other life style changes.
In one of the book of Dr Chopra he speaks that yoga can be said helpful but one could not say that as a single remedy this can treat a condition. It can be helpful for sure....
So we still do not have any record that yoga can actually cure any health condition.

What can you do?
I have one single request to all those yoga teachers, practitioners, and all those who use yoga start collecting data. Let us all collect different aspects of our own body and how yoga works on us and on others. Let us work to make sure this ancient science deserve some right spot as a healing medicine.

Posted by Sudeep

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