Friday, February 25, 2011

Benefits of Running

Early Mornings at local parks, waterfronts and even regular roads the first thing that catches ones attentions are every day Joggers. Spring time as it brings new life to the trees in a similar way one can see many runners running. Running a sport since the ancient Greeks has long been cherished by many healthy savvy individuals; unluckily I never knew the importance till my move to Canada. In this article we would bring forth different benefits of Running and why should one cultivate this habit.

  • as a De stressor

Well if lot is going on your mind and one need to calm a bit running has the answers for you. I had a friend who would always go out for run after day’s work and would run longer than usual if she had a bad day. When asked she would reply that running controls her emotions and well de-stresses her a lot.
  • to increase immunity

Everyday run can trigger lot of good things in our body and one such thing are the lymphocytes the natural immune systems boosters. More of this means good defence against different infections. One’s lungs capacity also gets a boost with daily run an added advantage.( How to Boost your Immune System )
  • to fight diseases

What can be best if you have one work  out that can help you lose weight, reduce your diabetes, reduce your cholesterol and lastly boost your in general health. Well if you run regularly one may get this benefit. Researches have also confirmed that with running one can see increase in good cholesterol levels thus keeping one healthy.(5 ways to reduce cholesterol )
Bone loss or osteoporosis a health issue that troubles many during the early 40;s is best controlled if one run regularly speaks new research.
  • to train one’s mind

Running a sport which can work magic on the doer’s mind.. did you know that. A exercise that usually molds one’s mind as one starts enjoying it. One has to constantly go through obstacles, Life is similar do not you think … full of obstacles. Well running moulds your mind and trains it to fight those and yes get over all those.
  • as a cheap form of exercise

Lastly if you really could not afford the gym fees or decided to save it for something else well running is your answer for a good work out. A good run daily needs just proper attire and some good running shoes. Well if you ask me I would also say running just requires your mind to get ready for the run. Forget the attire just run and enjoy.(How to save on gym membership?)

So what do you say? The Sun is out and so is the ice melting slowly.... do not think... just go for a nice run and let me know how you felt. Here is some reference for you to start...Guide: How to Begin Running ?

Posted by Sudeep

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