Friday, February 4, 2011

Benefits of Eating Local

Have you read the 100 mile diet written by Alissa Smith and J.B Mac Kinnon from Vancouver, Canada? If you have not I suggest that you head out to your library and check out this book. A Experiment done by this two to consume for one year just food that is grown in just 100 mile radius. Is it crazy to eat just local...? Well apparently not. In this article one would fine some of the reasons why going local is not that bad idea.

Local means Seasonal Produce:
Well one of the first thing that would benefit with such type of living is that we would start having seasonal food supply only. Like in the good old days as my grandmother would say. Hey even Michele Pollen in his book speaks about shopping that your granny would buy. Yes we would have to eat more roots, squash, pumpkins, nuts rather than fruits and green vegetables in this cold winter. One serious benefit of eating seasonal is that it increases our immune system for that particular season too. Hence local eating would result in good health too.(10 Healthy Eating Habits )

Local means Freshness:
No  need of frozen food of lesser taste value would be another advantage for those choosing local food. One would end up buying all their supply vegetables, fruits and even meats fresh. Have you tasted freshly cut lamb or chicken? Try it … I assure one would immediately know the difference. No need to buy stuff that is grown in one part of the world frozen so that it can be transported to another part of the world to be eaten after couple of months. It also means healthy eating.

Local means Cure to Health Issues:
Now this is something Ayurveda shares with us something about 5000 years ago. Local vegetable, fruits and produce according to the Science of Ayurveda basically have the power to treat different health issues that are normally common in the area. Say in Mumbai (India) one of the commonest trees to be seen is Castor plant (Ricinus communis) which is exactly a good remedy for Constipation. Apparently 80% of Mumbai people face with this condition knowing-unknowingly. (Read more on Benefits of Castor Oil?)

Local Means Supporting the Economy:
Do not think it’s amazing that by simply changing what we eat us can either change the economy of the world we live in. Eating Local is something that one should think because it would actually support all the local farmers, butchers around our area. Also we save a lot on the gas mileage that produces have to incur to transfer from one continent to other. In the long run we actually protect not just our economy but also our own World in the Long run.

If you have a goal of living healthy, keeping your family healthy, then this would be a perfect diet plan that you should be looking at.

Well after all these thoughts if you have in mind about really giving it a try here is something that might help you

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