Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant

Becoming Pregnant is one of the biggest gift for every woman. Hence each and every woman when pregnant is always concern what to eat and what not. The list was very simple if you can say 20 years ago before all this modernization so on and on. Here in this article I tried to collect different known-unknown food and food groups that one should avoid during Pregnancy.

1] Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine.
Well this is now well known at least for the educated woman's that one should have alcohol or excess caffeine if pregnant. Well caffeine was recently added to this list after a study published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concluded that the chance of miscarriage increases if caffeine as less as 10 oz of coffee or 25oz of tea is drank every day. Smoking though was very common in pregnant women till last few decades. More and more studies have shown harm of it on fetus and the mother due to smoking during pregnancy.

2] Meat Eggs, Cheese and even Raw Vegetable
Recent Listeria bacteria alert given in North American grocery stores is a big indication of why pregnant women should avoid uncooked meat, uncooked fish, Cheese and even Raw vegetables. Such foods if left uncooked are known to have different kinds of bacteria, salmonella, coliform bacteria or toxoplasmosis. One is OK to have meat, vegetables, if cleaned and cooked properly. Fish can be a source of contamination so it might be good to avoid it too...

3] Fruits and Vegetables:
Well do not get surprised... I am not saying they should be avoided. But fruits like Papaya, herbs cum vegetable dill are well known for their actions as uterine contractors and thus harm pregnancy. Aloe juice which has infiltrated in our day to day lives is also contradicted for pregnant women's.

4] Herbs to avoid during pregnancy:
Well not every herb that you get in health food store is healthy for you when pregnant. It is thus always advisable that you speak about your herb intake with your Medical practitioner during pregnancy. Simple herbs like Dill, Aloe-vera juice to even excess of turmeric can harm the safety of the foetus.

5] Junk and Processed Food :
This list not just includes junk food ranging from fast food to frozen food boxes to even carbonated drinks  that do have aspartame. Junk food is well known for lack of real food value can be hardly any value to nourish the fetus. Addictive and food preservatives which are also high in such junk food can also be cause trouble to the fetal growth. Hence it might be good to avoid such food group completely from diet. (Read more : Eating Fast Food =Cocaine)

Posted by Sudeep

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