Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Best Books on Yoga that One Must Read !!

Here on e-swastya I had a chance to write about in depth about many yoga poses or asana. As I peeked back over all those I found a need to guide my readers more further on some reference materials. Given the current scenario where we have huge amount of books on yoga, it remains hard for a beginner student of yoga or even a scholar of yoga to choose good books. Here is my list of my books which I keep it handy. Have a look.

1] Patanjali Yoga Sutra by Sage Patanjali :
It is of no use of doing yoga and not reading and understanding the actual basics of yoga." Yoga Sutra written by Patnajali " in Sanskrit language is one of the oldest book on yoga. We are lucky that many authors and yogis have written expert commentary on this book.
An in-depth commentary of this sutra’s can be  found in this book for the readers to exactly to understand different ideology of yoga, forms of yoga and lastly the main reason of yoga.

2] Light on Yoga by B.KS Iyengar :
Here is the first book of yoga that I had in my life. As a student of yoga this book defiantly proved of great help. "Light on Yoga written by B.K.S Iyengar "and forwarded by Yehudi Menuhin is worth reading for all beginners of yoga. In this book one may find the fundamentals of yoga in very concise but clear form, different poses of yoga and breathing routines. Lastly one may also find a complete weekly routine of yogic poses to follow if you are new to yoga.

3] The Heart of Yoga developing a Personal Practice by K.V Desikachar
Well if “Light of Yoga” focuses our know how on different asana and how they work, then this is a book that would help one to develop further personal practice. K.V.Desikachar’s book was refereed actually in my stay in Canada rather than India. When I read I enjoy the lucid writings and lastly many of my questions after reading the first two books got answered in this book.

So if you are a fan of yoga and have started recently or have been practising for a long time. Look out for these books, if you have not read I recommend buying them for sure. Worth each and every penny!!

Posted by Sudeep

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