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Benefits of Running

Early Mornings at local parks, waterfronts and even regular roads the first thing that catches ones attentions are every day Joggers. Spring time as it brings new life to the trees in a similar way one can see many runners running. Running a sport since the ancient Greeks has long been cherished by many healthy savvy individuals; unluckily I never knew the importance till my move to Canada. In this article we would bring forth different benefits of Running and why should one cultivate this habit.

  • as a De stressor

Well if lot is going on your mind and one need to calm a bit running has the answers for you. I had a friend who would always go out for run after day’s work and would run longer than usual if she had a bad day. When asked she would reply that running controls her emotions and well de-stresses her a lot.
  • to increase immunity

Everyday run can trigger lot of good things in our body and one such thing are the lymphocytes the natural immune systems boosters. More of this means good defence against different infections. One’s lungs capacity also gets a boost with daily run an added advantage.( How to Boost your Immune System )
  • to fight diseases

What can be best if you have one work  out that can help you lose weight, reduce your diabetes, reduce your cholesterol and lastly boost your in general health. Well if you run regularly one may get this benefit. Researches have also confirmed that with running one can see increase in good cholesterol levels thus keeping one healthy.(5 ways to reduce cholesterol )
Bone loss or osteoporosis a health issue that troubles many during the early 40;s is best controlled if one run regularly speaks new research.
  • to train one’s mind

Running a sport which can work magic on the doer’s mind.. did you know that. A exercise that usually molds one’s mind as one starts enjoying it. One has to constantly go through obstacles, Life is similar do not you think … full of obstacles. Well running moulds your mind and trains it to fight those and yes get over all those.
  • as a cheap form of exercise

Lastly if you really could not afford the gym fees or decided to save it for something else well running is your answer for a good work out. A good run daily needs just proper attire and some good running shoes. Well if you ask me I would also say running just requires your mind to get ready for the run. Forget the attire just run and enjoy.(How to save on gym membership?)

So what do you say? The Sun is out and so is the ice melting slowly.... do not think... just go for a nice run and let me know how you felt. Here is some reference for you to start...Guide: How to Begin Running ?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can Yoga Cure Health Conditions?

I have been writing about yoga for the last two years on this blog. Each article speaks about some benefits to human health either to prevent a health condition or treat it like “Savasana or Corpse porse” to treat blood pressure and even insomnia so and SO. During my brief work here in Canada I still find many new people who always when refereed to yoga would question if such slow moving work out, with lots of twist and turns can really heal any health condition. What do you think? Here is what we have today in our hand ….

Yoga and Human Body
“I felt my back pain getting lot better when I started doing “Bhujangasana” or The Cobra poses says one of my clients who was advised to do that pose to help work with her recurrent back pain. Another client who used to have lot trouble with coping with his anger and mood speaks highly of Deep breathing or Pranayama and other yogic poses that has helped him to calm his nerves down.
We all have such stories and hear them all the time about our dear and near ones about yoga and healing a condition. We also know from facts that yoga have effect on our body both physical and mental. After doing yoga for just 15 to 30 minutes a change can be seen in our metabolism, blood work, endocrine system and so and on and on. Then why do still there is doubt in our mind. But even after all this known fact most of the medical community thinks Yoga as a placebo. Why one may ask..... then the answer would be simple... lack of research.

Yoga and Research
The one big reason that yoga still is not that accepted in the medical community is because of the lack of research studies. Yah! One may find millions of research studies but with very few resources and not to the point of authentic work.
One of the known best research study about yoga is one that is done and written by Dr Dean Ornish in his book “Preventing the Heart Diseases”. But again the whole study is not just with regards to yoga but also other life style changes.
In one of the book of Dr Chopra he speaks that yoga can be said helpful but one could not say that as a single remedy this can treat a condition. It can be helpful for sure....
So we still do not have any record that yoga can actually cure any health condition.

What can you do?
I have one single request to all those yoga teachers, practitioners, and all those who use yoga start collecting data. Let us all collect different aspects of our own body and how yoga works on us and on others. Let us work to make sure this ancient science deserve some right spot as a healing medicine.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Wii Workout Healthy?

Ask a kid or a teenager today how he would like to spend his free time and the answer you get is to play on those Wii games. Hey... do not just blame the kids many adult do enjoy those high tech games. Games like Guitar Hero to Tennis, table tennis all can be played in live action with these games. Now the debate remains is it healthy to play an outdoor game indoor? Does it really help lose calories? (Childhood Obesity). Here in this article we would try to shed some light on this issue...

What are Wii games?
Wii games bought by Nintendo are not just regular video games; they are complex video games where one can play with hand held remote and mimic the action require by the character in the game. Say playing Tennis, if need to shoot the ball you have hit backhand stroke, then you hit in similar fashion. Ohh one can even do yoga with the help of these games.

Can Wii be defined as a Good Exercise?
Yes and No well it depends what is the definition of good exercise? Well Ayurveda speaks of that the movements of each and every  body part made so that one can gain strength, loss weight, increase appetite and metabolism and lastly sweat is what exercise means. Does playing Wii games fit this description?
Well yes in a way it fits little bit not a lot, see you start playing you move your body parts according to the need of the game, one may perspire if you are really playing it hard. It means it depends on you what you play on Wii games... right...
Well to confront this questions I recently found an article researched by ACE or American Council of Exercise who conducted deeper studies with such Wii games. They concluded that such games do increase heart rate, oxygen uptakes and also burned calories but lesser than usual outdoor exercise.

The biggest disadvantage that I see of playing Wii is the lack of free oxygen and sunlight from nature. Playing video games like this will for sure may you more settle in at home rather than getting out into nature. In a way might reduce our immune system in the long run what do you say?

As the ACE speaks in their report that it could not really substitute a real game, still it is better than just sitting at home. Lastly understand that one needs moderation if one does play such games.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food for Our Heart

So if you have given enough time yesterday on your emotional beating heart, let us talk something about the real heart. It’s beating day after day, night after night. It’s normal that we forget about that heart until something bad turns up. Why do we wait so much … Well if you have time now to think here are some foods that can be added to your diet for your heart?

Since human discover grapes I guess we are aware of the values of grapes on heart. According to Ayurveda grapes have the property of being “hridya” or giving strength to the heart. The abstract meaning in Ayurveda text also implies for our heart meaning emotional heart which is also well know as grapes are known to increase passion.
According to new research grapes contains different polyphenols that are known to reduce atherosclerosis (ref: New researches have also indicated that those have grapes regularly have decreased chance of having any heart condition in life time.

One more fruit that has a distinct feature of being “hridya” is Pomegranate. Yes if you have seen the serial “Tudor” one may find this fruits eaten many times before a passionate scene. Pomegranate is both healing for one’s physical heart and the emotional heart according to Ayurveda.
New research speaks about pomegranate as a fruit rich with high antioxidant. Studies confirm that use of this fruit have shown significantly reduced atherosclerotic lesion in our heart. Why to wait till we have the lesion? Just have it regularly would help as this fruit is also heart protective.

If the first two fruits where sweet, nice aromatic here is a herb cum day to day spice that has such a significance that one could not miss it when speaking of heart . Garlic a spice that is well known to wart away vampires is well known in Ayurveda as one of the biggest herb cum spice to protect and cure different health issues of the heart.
New research has shown that this herb cum spice does reduce cardiovascular risk, but also inhibit the rate of coronary artery calcification which means a lot to many.

Today just one day after Valentine day make sure that you take of you and your friends and families heart with some of this list. Share this post …...

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Candida Infection And Your Health

"Today I welcome James Schreiber author and owner of the website which is dedicated to all the sufferers of Candida. What is Candida? If you  are one of those wondering this questions then here is an article by James that would help you understand. Well if you have more doubts then do not forget to visit his website"

Candida infection is one of the most overlooked conditions worldwide. With chronic symptoms such as low energy and digestive problems, it can affect one’s health and well-being for many years without them even knowing it.  

In this article we’ll take a brief look at its symptoms, causes and effective treatment options.

Symptoms Of Candida Infection

Candida infection is caused by a bacterial imbalance in the body. One of those bacterial bugs called Candida albicans may grow out of control and wreak havoc in your body. Here are some symptoms linked to Candida overgrowth:

  • continual fatigue more noticeable after eating meals that are high in sugar
  • sugar cravings
  • unexplainable problems with digestion - bloating, constipation, diarrhea
  • poor memory, brain fog, mood swings
  • mucous congestion, flu-like symptoms
  • vaginal yeast infections, penile yeast infections

If you suffer from some of the symptoms listed above and your doctor can't explain them, then there's a good chance that you may have Candida infection.

Causes Of Candida Infection
There are many factors that can trigger the onset of Candida infection. Usually, it's something that destroys the balance between the friendly microflora and pathogens in the gut. Some of the risk factors associated with Candida infection are listed bellow:

  • antibiotics - antibiotics destroy both bad and healthful bacteria in the gut, while leaving C. albicans intact
  • lowered immunity - a strong immune system is essential in order to eradicate invaders such as Candida
  • poor nutrition - consuming sugary foods and beverages (including alcohol) promotes Candida infection because Candida albicans thrives on carbohydrates

Other common risk factors for developing candidiasis include steroid drugs, birth control pills, lack of rest and stress.

Candida Infection - Treatment Overview
In order to tame the Candida beast, one needs to deal with candidiasis from within. This usually includes replenishing the beneficial intestinal flora by taking probiotics (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus) and eliminating the excess yeast in the body with anti-fungals drugs. It is also advised to stay on a healthy diet and cut out your sugar intake for a certain amount of time to improve the recover process. Learn how to get rid of candida and take charge of your well-being.

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3 Best Books on Yoga that One Must Read !!

Here on e-swastya I had a chance to write about in depth about many yoga poses or asana. As I peeked back over all those I found a need to guide my readers more further on some reference materials. Given the current scenario where we have huge amount of books on yoga, it remains hard for a beginner student of yoga or even a scholar of yoga to choose good books. Here is my list of my books which I keep it handy. Have a look.

1] Patanjali Yoga Sutra by Sage Patanjali :
It is of no use of doing yoga and not reading and understanding the actual basics of yoga." Yoga Sutra written by Patnajali " in Sanskrit language is one of the oldest book on yoga. We are lucky that many authors and yogis have written expert commentary on this book.
An in-depth commentary of this sutra’s can be  found in this book for the readers to exactly to understand different ideology of yoga, forms of yoga and lastly the main reason of yoga.

2] Light on Yoga by B.KS Iyengar :
Here is the first book of yoga that I had in my life. As a student of yoga this book defiantly proved of great help. "Light on Yoga written by B.K.S Iyengar "and forwarded by Yehudi Menuhin is worth reading for all beginners of yoga. In this book one may find the fundamentals of yoga in very concise but clear form, different poses of yoga and breathing routines. Lastly one may also find a complete weekly routine of yogic poses to follow if you are new to yoga.

3] The Heart of Yoga developing a Personal Practice by K.V Desikachar
Well if “Light of Yoga” focuses our know how on different asana and how they work, then this is a book that would help one to develop further personal practice. K.V.Desikachar’s book was refereed actually in my stay in Canada rather than India. When I read I enjoy the lucid writings and lastly many of my questions after reading the first two books got answered in this book.

So if you are a fan of yoga and have started recently or have been practising for a long time. Look out for these books, if you have not read I recommend buying them for sure. Worth each and every penny!!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frozen Food: Some Thought

When I first entered Canada the first thing that caught my eyes are the frozen food section in the grocery stores. Those huge aisles of cooked meals, pizza, burgers and even frozen entree’s yes including the famous India Butter Chicken. My work made me closer to day to day lifestyle of individuals; I saw that frozen foods are not just in store but even cooked at home. A huge bowl of soup cooked and then stored in those huge freezers for a rainy day. What are the thoughts of Ayurveda on eating frozen food? Are they really healthy? Do they offer real health benefits? Do they cause any health issue after over consumption?

Frozen Food: Yesterday and Today.
Freezing of food has been a choice of food storage method use by our ancestors. During winter when no vegetation is in nature we humans use freezing. Humans used to hunt or fish eat what is required and store the rest uncooked in icy grounds. Fishermen used ice to keep fish from getting stale as they bring from the sea to land. It was all about just for some few days in a year that humans ate frozen.
Today well according to a survey conducted by NPD the consumption of frozen food has increased 15 percent since 2004. It is said that more than 75% of all the meals that we Canadian eat are prepared in 15 minutes pretty much saying that we eat more frozen.( Is healthy Cooking so Hard?)

Ayurveda and Frozen Food:
According to Ayurveda one of the first thing that any Frozen food lacks is the “Prana” or the “chi” that is usually found in any cooked or uncooked meal. Every meal has a particular taste, color, odor, freezing the product makes it lose many of those qualities.
Second major reason that Ayurveda speaks against Frozen food is that eating such meals reduces the digestive powers of humans. Property of Cooling or “sheet” a major guna or property of Vatta dosha  is increased. Vatta dosha in excess thus leads to dryness, decrease in appetite and decrease in digestive power hence also producing “ama” or toxins.
Have you noticed a sense of laziness the next day after eating a frozen entree or pizza. This is due to basically decrease digestion leading to undigested food which is also known as ama or toxic material in our body. Senses of laziness, fatigue are just the start but in long run I believe that fibromyalgia has its root in such habits of eating frozen food.(Ayurveda and Fibromyalgia )

So what you say do you agree that frozen food are unhealthy? What are the solutions then? It means no more soups kept in batches right? Well let me tell you one thing in the end. Each one of you have answers of this question. Please take a moment and reflect on this issue to have your own answer. If you feel like sharing your thoughts more than welcome...

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stress Eating and How to Manage It

"Stress eating remains the major answer for obesity and many of the obesity related health issues. How to manage it always remains a major question to all humans. In this article author John Smith have few pointers on how to handle this eating. I am sure you all would enjoy reading this article".
Have you ever noticed how major stress can make you want to eat more, especially junk food? This is not just a coincidence; this problem is called stress eating. Stress eating is caused when Cortisol levels rise, also causing your appetite to increase. The extra Cortisol makes you not only eat more but also eat more unhealthy foods, such as junk food. There are some things you can do to help reduce your stress eating habits.

What stress eating can do to your body?

Stress eating is not a healthy thing to do at all. One problem with stress eating is that it can cause you to gain a lot of extra weight. Once you gain the weight it is really hard to lose it again. Also being stressed right before eating can raise your blood sugars. This can be a major problem in the long run especially for those with diabetes.

Things to do to help reduce stress eating

  • Change your snacking choices
      Many times when people are stressed and want something to eat, crunchy foods are the first choice.There are ways to eat crunchy foods without delving into the fattening snack foods such as chips and cookies. Substituting your normal junk food options with healthy vegetable sticks will give you the crunch you need without adding to your calorie intake too much. If you find vegetables too boring, you could always add a low fat yogurt to dip them in.(Read : 5 Healthy Snacks for Winter Season)

  • Water is your friend
       You may not be able to stop stress eating, however there is something else you can do to help fill you up. Drinking a glass of water when you feel like you need to snack is a great idea. Water will fill you up without adding any calories whatsoever to your calorie intake for the day. So the next time you feel like you need to eat something, drink a glass of water first and then decide if you are still hungry.(Read more : Ice Cold Water)

  • Relaxation exercises
      Another way that you can help reduce your stress eating is to reduce your stress. Relaxation exercises can help with this. When you are starting to feel stressed you can do deep breathing exercises before running to the cupboard for a snack.( Try Shavasana or Corpse porse to Relax)

  • Slow eating
      If you find yourself needing some extra food when you are stressed, take your time eating it. Slower eating allows the food time to travel to your stomach. Until the food reaches your stomach you will not know when you are full. Take the time to let the food get down there and you may find that you fill up quicker than you normally would. With time, you will notice that you are stress eating less food then before.( Read more: Eat Slowly )
  • Focus on the beginning and then stop
      When you are stress eating, your mind is  telling you that it wants taste wonderful things to feel better. Try focusing on the first few bites of your meal. Enjoy the delicious taste on your tongue. Chances are that after the first few bites, the rest is just you trying to relive the deliciousness and isn’t really necessary. Really taste your food in the beginning and train your body to be ok with stopping after the first several bites of food.  Soon you should be able to put down your fork after satisfying your taste buds.

  • Chew gum instead
     Here is an idea to avoid stress eating all together. When you feel the urge to grab a snack while stressed out, grab a piece of gum and pop it in your mouth. Chewing gum will give your mouth the idea of eating food without actually eating any. If you want you can even get sugar free gum to ensure that you are consuming very few extra calories. As an added bonus chewing gum is also great exercises for your mouth.

   Stress eating is not a good thing in the long run. It can cause weight gain and make you feel bad about yourself. There are several things you can do to help reduce your need to eat when stressed, even if you cannot quit doing it completely. Do not let stress eating rule and ruin your life.

    John Smith manages an online nursing scrubs store located at

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