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Seasonal Issues: Dry Skin

Well what can one expect when its winter times cold and chilling climates what else!! For all those who are beauty conscious and those who are not one thing that makes you to pay attention during such cold days is your skin. Skin due to extreme change in weather does react and one of the reactions that are very common during winter is dryness. Here in this article we would see what different steps one can take to either prevent dryness of skin or how one can treat it with simple home remedies.

1) Massage or Abaynaga:
Our skin is dry and what we do to remove the dryness... well for our cars we lubricate them to avoid friction. Then well in case of our own body oil remains the best answer. Ayurveda highly recommends sesame seed oil massage just before shower. In many European countries Olive oil massage, while in North American region Grape seed oil is recommended. The whole idea is to reduce friction between cells and also reduce Vatta dosha which is normally aggravated in one’s body during such cold days. (Read more : Benefits of Abaynaga )

2) Dry Scrubs :
Well if you have done the Oil massage then what is advisable for you to do is just before Abyanaga have a dry scrub all over the body. Up till very recently I hardly believed in this advice myself. But after trying it with combination of oil application I found it very useful. Scrubs normally remove the top layer of dead skin giving space for the new. Also scrubs increases circulation which remains very important.

3) Simple Applications:
Well other than oil application one can also use combination of many natural products to apply on one’s skin especially one’s face to reduce the dryness of the skin. Here are few options
a) Milk+Saffron: Application of this combination is well known since the time of Cleopatra. Not just it decreases dryness but also brings glow to one’s face.
b) Bananas: Applying ripe mashed bananas can help one a lot. The creaminess of the fruit kept on your skin for about 15 to 30 minutes is enough to give result.
c) Egg Yolk: Another excellent home remedy is egg yolk... simply apply a mask of well beaten egg yolk to your face. Let it dry out completely and remove it later and see the difference in your skin.

4)  Dietary Changes:
Well a balanced diet is all one asks for a good skin. Still according to the principle of Ayurveda because of the season being so cold a need to increase the intake of fats in one diet is called for. It does not mean to have in excess but just not to forget good healthy fats in our food. Ghee, Virgin Olive oil, Nuts, seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds would provide the needed dietary fats.

5) Life style changes:
Without changes made in our lifestyle it remains hard to treat a condition. Here are few of those changes
a) Avoid excess of alcohol, caffeine products like coffee during such cold seasons.  
b) Avoid excess time spend in shower or bath especially in warm water as it might cleanse all the oil glands of the skin making it more dry.
c) Well covered body especially when walking in cold windy areas would help a lot in keeping the skin moist. Excess wind on the face and any parts of the body might lead to dryness.

Do you have any more thoughts in how to handle skin dryness...? Well do not be shy speak out. Knowledge increases if shared rather than kept in our own heads. So speak out ….

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