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7 Benefits of Ginger

Ginger or “Zinzgiber Officinale” is been widely used in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese medicines for ages. A small herb that can also be cultivated in your garden or your kitchen. It's the roots that have medical values and are cultivated prominently in India, China, Philippines and Caribbeans.
Ginger is used either in its fresh form or dried version. One can use the fresh form by crushing them and adding to hot water. Though its the same Ginger still both  the dried and the fresh form have some differences in their action and healing and can contraindicate in some its uses .

1] Traditional "Tylenol:
If you have cough, sore throat, fever, flu and all that you can think as viral or bacterial or whatever, I guess this herb would be on top priority. (How to Cure Sore Throat?)Well the Traditional medical healer know exactly how to work on it.Just take some water with fresh ginger root and boil it for a long time and drink it as tea at least 3 to 4 cups a day .. and yes all symptoms are vanished the next day .
Ginger tea when given to patients suffering with sinus infection, chronic sinus headaches or sinusitis proves very useful by heating the body and then removing the condition in a day or two .

2] Anti Inflammatory property:
Do you know when you have pain in your knees due to Arthritis that you been suffering from a long time .The answer is in Ginger .(Arthritis : 5 Points to Fight Pain)
Ginger has shown its tremendous properties as an anti inflammatory herb. Swollen joints its always advised to fast and have just boiled Ginger water by many Ayurvedic physician. Have you tried to apply paste of dried ginger powder on your swollen joints .. try it .Because of its healing properties and pain relieving nature .. you would find pain reduced and also the swelling too ..
Ginger can used also just for this same properties in Chronic Ulcerative colitis for any inflammation in the intestines .The author has a collection of cases were simple ginger has worked well in IBS Too ....(Treating IBS with Yoga )

3] Diabetes and Ginger:
One of the author's fast friend was advised to take Ginger tea due to some conditions. After few days that friend had a shocking story to tell .He not only had his conditions relieved due to ginger tea, but also he found out that his sugar level are always in control due to his regular intake of ginger tea .
Yes Ginger tea do work as hypoglycaemic, but in moderation. So why not have them some times in your day to day activity if you are diabetics.(How to Control Diabetes?)

4] Motion sickness and Nausea :
If you are going for a long trip any were in India you would always find family members offering you some sweet ginger cubes to take with you .The only reason for those nice sweet and spicy ginger cubes with you is for their value for Motion sickness.Even in North America the author have seen ginger cubes that you can buy and do take during your trip even on flights .

5] Women and Ginger :
Ginger can be used in many conditions for woman's health. Its a good to be taken if you have painful menstrual cramps, amenorrhea.
Dried Ginger powder with some rock sugar or honey is often used for morning sickness. The author has treated many of his clients with just simple ginger for similar conditions. But be cautious while giving to pregnant women { Under expert guidance only}

6] Men's Health:
Ginger has its benefits in male health too. It's an excellent aphrodisiac in its own way. Combined with some other herbs Ginger can be used to cure issues of erection. Not only that Dried Ginger is good for increasing the sperm count and also the motility of the sperms .

7] Warnings about Ginger :
There are no reported Side effects of Ginger to Humans according to the research paper published in Medscape. But still Ginger cannot be given in excess in pregnant women, people who are very sensitive. They can give you some sort of rash due to over ginger intake. One can also find it a little spicy making you sweat.

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