Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Snacks to Keep Warm This Winter

I just came from India and "wohh" it was cold there… and guess what I found in Canada, what else cold again. Well the temperature was different at both the places, but for the locals it was a chilling winter which made them to take extra precaution. Ayurveda always believes that food habits of person needs to change as seasons changes as the body tends to changes its level of appetite and digestive power. Here in this article are 5 herbs, food groups that would keep one warm during such cold winter days. Yes they are tasty too …

1] Eggs:
One of the biggest sources of protein and off course very cheap, eggs are considered to be very healthy for such cold days. Ayurveda believes that the heat require for the development of the little bird is stored in this little egg which if eaten is provided to you to keep your warm. Boiled eggs are often sold at corners in many places of India, especially during the time of winter season. Have a one or two and see the difference.

2] Peanuts:
For all vegetarians who do not eat eggs... here is something you might cherish. Peanuts or also known as groundnuts are excellent food snack to have during such cold days. Not only they are full of good fats but also for a vegetarian person they contain proteins. I remember those days during my childhood when by grandmother used to give peanuts and jaggery in small quantity to snack during winter season.

3] Sesame Seed:
If by any chance you are allergic to peanuts you do not need to worry... Sesame seed are for you then. This seeds normally seen in Chinese and other Asian cooking are known for their high value for fats and warmness too. Not just the seeds but even sesame seed oil can be used to apply all over the body before shower to give the required heat.
Like peanuts even this seeds combine with jaggery make a great treat for all Indians during the winter season.

4] Ginger:
Well how can one forget the benefits of Ginger during such days. Yes one cannot consume it raw but ginger tea is always the choice of tea to have during such chilly days. One can receive the warmness of this tea as soon as one drinks just one sip of the tea.
Ginger is also known to protect from all different types of issues of cough and cold caused due to such cold weather.

5] Black Pepper:
If one can enjoy snacking all the above products to keep warmth, here is a spice which can be added to give the same benefit. Black pepper known for its spiciness can also bring heat to one’s body when consumed. Have some black pepper one your soup today; it should be of a good quality you would find some perspiration coming out soon. That is what I call heat to the body.

To face winter one need to just get out of the house and face it head on. Enjoy the moment as one would say. Eat healthy, dress properly and face it with head one attitude.

Posted  by Sudeep

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