Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Habits that Make you Fat

Weight-loss remains one of the hottest topic when its New Year time. I am sure many of you would have this as your resolution for this year. Well here is an article that might help you to understand some of the habits that can make you over weight. I am sure by changing some of the habits one can keep one’s weight under control.

  • Laziness:
One habit that is very peculiar with humans is a biggest culprit of many health conditions and also for our overall growth. We humans tend the warmth of the chair and forget about any physical work out. The more sophisticated we get the more we gain and more we forget about working out. This year make sure you would devote some time to work on this habit. Try being more athletic and less lazy and see...
  • Eating when not Hungry:
Most of us eat when it’s time to eat do you know that. Actually I have seen many mothers forcing their babies to eat just because its time. We then take this habit all over life; we eat just because it’s time to eat. Our body has its own system and it would be better to understand the system. See if your food is digested, are you hungry really and then eat. The excess food eaten is just going to make you over weight nothing else. (Read: Eat Less Live Longer)
  • Heavy Dinner and Light Lunches :
Yes we work the whole day and it is nice to have a huge meal at the night time. Not just practical but also it helps us to spend some quality time to relax, be with the family and enjoy food. Having a huge dinner can be more troublesome to gain of weight. We would be eating food and then even before it gets digested we are going to sleep thus decreasing the metabolism. It is always recommended to have a good heavy meal in the afternoon lunch and a small dinner. (Read Healthy Eating Habits)
  • Dessert Consumption:
Dessert was something to be eaten more like weekend thing and not a day to day affair. But gone are those days, easy access, money have bought us closer to have such treats every day any time. If you are a person who likes to have dessert every day , I would  say choose them well to keep your body in shape or try to keep them something once a forth night.
  • Sodas, Diet Soda, and Alcohol:
Walk in any restaurant and the first thing they would bring to you in either a pop or some alcohol, both of those which can be high in calories. Diet Soda was a change for a while, but still with research of harms of Aspartame which can harm your body. It could be advisable that to have just plain water or some fresh juices instead of any of those. (Read: Fructose Scary Facts )

Habits are something that can make you or break you. It’s all your choice, Think about it. You can lose weight, be in shape and keep fit but for all this New Year one needs to check his or her lifestyle. Change some of the habits and then see what difference one can make.

Posted by Sudeep

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