Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Should You Practice Yoga?

“Denise Gabbard in today’s post brings forward a many reasons why one should practise yoga. Why a spiritual practise in the East is becoming more and more trendy in the West. And why its worth following the trend and trying it yourself. Have a look... “

Yoga has transformed in western culture from its original purpose: as a spiritual practice in Hinduism. Here in the United States, it is used more to relax the body and mind, stretch the muscles, and enhance meditative practices.The rise in popularity of Yoga in the West seems due to the medical aspect. Most yoga classes are a mixture of physical exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation.These three things are what make yoga very beneficial exercise for people with health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, and back conditions.

Studies have shown yoga helps people of all ages who have heart problems. It seems to regulate heart health in many ways, including controlling high blood pressure and improving resistance and reaction to stress.

A large number of clinical trials have been being published about yoga and its effects on psychological and emotional health. A quick Google search will net you dozens of clinical trials published in the last three years relating yoga to emotional and psychological health.

There have also been studies done with cancer patients who participated in yoga while also receiving radiation therapy treatments. The yoga focused on breathing and relaxation, with no difficult poses. These have found that cancer patients enjoy better physical function and lower problems with fatigue and sleep problems when practicing yoga.

Yoga can teach you to focus and make your mind sharper. Simple breathing exercises can be the start of your yogic experience, as they are an important part of yoga. Once you've mastered the breathing, (it is much harder than it sounds to do that) you can move on to some simple poses, which will help your body to become flexible and sleek.

Flexibility and strength are often much improved after a series of yoga exercise sessions, as well as posture and enhanced breathing. Perhaps one of yoga’s best benefits is an overall feeling of calmness. Even beginners will often feel more relaxed after their first class.{6 things to know before starting Yoga }

In some yoga styles teaches  meditation techniques to cease mind chatter that often causes undue stress. Deep breathing techniques, too, will focus on the breath, and when mastered, this calms your mind and reduces stress as well, resulting in overall better health.{Read  benefits of meditation here }

So if you can get a healthy body and healthy mind, all the effects of de-stressed life with just few stretches and breathes do not you think its worth a try today.

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