Friday, December 3, 2010

Real Threats of Today’s World

What do you think is the biggest danger to life in today’s world?  What are the things that can threaten your life? Do you think that the government of your country spends perfect amount on its budget on that issue that really hamper our health. After 9/11 most of the First Nations or G8 countries of the World spends the highest amount of its budget on Terrorism. Yes that is what most of the countries think that is the biggest threat to our life. Do you agree on this theory?

Couple of days ago I was just surfing the net when I stumbled on this interesting graph that really captured my mind. Well have a look yourself. Click the graph here

Interesting haan … what do you say? I know we all think that terrorism is the number one threat to humans in this world. But it is a fact that Smoking related health conditions really threatens the people of America more than anything. { Read :How to Stop Smoking? }

Followed by Smoking are health conditions related to Obesity, luckily the current First lady of America has seriously taken that issue in her own hands and have started working on that. (Read : 8 tips to reduce Child hood Obesity)

To me the biggest surprise was the number of terrorist related deaths which are numbered 8 that is pretty low in this list.

Now look at your budget that the government spends on dealing with this issue. With just few deaths the Government of most of the developed and developing countries today spend more on curbing terrorist attacks than on real health dangers. America itself spends 1 trill on dollars in a single year in keeping its country free from any terrorist dangers.

Do you think this is right? Do you think these needs to change? It’s like I am hungry but instead of giving me food, the government is providing me security guards to protect me. Well my point in bringing this point today on this blog is simple awareness that we each of us can make a change. Awareness of original issues can make huge impact on our own Government policy.

In Canada I am lucky that certain measures are taken when it comes on smoking in public places and stuff. But what about Obesity, coolers are full of pop, chips and all other junk food still dominates school life. Can we do something to change that....?

I believe that we can …

Posted by Sudeep

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