Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s In Us

“Today I bring in this yoga section a guest post by an author is outh on the road to find some thing that we all are searching, Do I say that she is also a searcher of Truth. Meet Kathy Thomas a blogger who speaks about a search that she is trying to find herself. Read more here in this article”

A world, an entire world full of people with ideas and plans, experiences, lives, exist here upon this earth together. Whether we are doing this well is a matter of debate, conscious and unconscious.  Technology brings so many opinions to bear at once there isn’t enough time to even enter into a place of personal understanding. Opinions are whirled around us in the computer vortex, in the media blitz, in the marketing campaigns of so many interests, that it became time to formulate an existence that I can live with as a human being.

How do I make decisions? How do I? Really. Do I read and come to an informed sense of what a particular idea means to my psyche, my family, my earth, my country, my friends? Or do I just accept the ideas vocalized to me by the louder, more colorful, more manipulative means. Are there a question or two to ask and the courage to ask them?

Do I just quiet down and agree out of pack mentality?

Thinking for me in this barrage has brought about many changes in my life. The questions sounded more like an adventure than a one word answer, but maybe I am just not simple enough. How do I really feel about things, politics, life, relationships, my community, my country, my family past and present, my planet, culture, difference? Where do I stand? Am I just mimicking the thoughts of those before me who I respect and agree with to avoid confrontation?
Oh the questions! Once unraveled they were like a tempest, churning with every billboard, every news show; until I just had to turn off the TV.

Just what do I want of my days, week’s years? How would I like to spend this time on earth if I put stuff out of the picture? What is there besides the searching for stuff, the working for stuff, the making of stuff, the keeping of stuff?

Think!!!  Who are you?


If you do not know, perhaps it is time to find out, whether 18 or 80. If fear is at the bottom of all my beliefs, then fear is what I live in. If greed or that idea of more is in the bottom of my bag of what I need, then possibly, quite possibly, I am miserable on the inside.
What if the only thing that ever really counted was my insides? What if the only truth that will ever satisfy my soul is the truth I have yet uncovered? What are the things I have to offer this world?

And how will I offer them?
Then it seems there is a lot of forgiving going on. Let’s see, there is time lost, havoc wreaked, avenues dried up, oh and a little life sucks thrown in the mix.
The farther I get away from my own self, the farther I get away from happiness.
My life. It has been my life,  it belongs to no others. No one person lives inside another person. We are akin to snowflakes falling perfect to the eye should anyone take the time to look. Awaken that unique human. Do what you have to. All of it. My awakening has been playing music just for fun with no dreams of grandeur, wandering for a while in an RV, living with the consequences of wandering in an RV (being broke but happy and much more in touch with me) becoming a Reeked Master, really appreciating my pets, joining the Florida Writers Association, volunteering in State Parks and taking the work that I can do without becoming a slave to an employer. This is all about freedom.
Learning to become quiet is an internal adventure. Craving has become less. I crave less food, less money, less stuff. I indulge in quiet long walks on the beach, in the woods. The arts and exercise bring me a healthy state of mind. Where is your mind healthy and happy?

There are no answers for health quite as powerful as the lifestyle we live. All statistics show this. All of them. We keep paying for studies that tell us the same things. Eat a healthy natural diet and learn to keep a good healthy weight. Stay away from too much of everything. Breathe deeply all the time. Smile and laugh a lot. Stay active in life and walk. Hold the persons you love with your person.

These are the lifestyle changes that will bring about fulfillment, happiness and a fruitful existence. Time to try it! It is within all of us that quiet voice calling us to become.

Kathy Thomas is a Native of Florida, living a quiet simple life in a small town on the east coast. After wandering around in an RV for a while as a Park volunteer the muse kicked in. Kathy is a musician, songwriter, Reike Master, Poet, and a grandmother of 5 which leaves her wide open to life.She  also blogs her thought on one of her blog called as Sposdtabe’s Blog. Have a look.

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