Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is Healthy Cooking So Hard?

Couple of days ago I had a pleasure of my wife and myself to teach a group of women healthy cooking. This idea of doing cooking class was actually suggested by my friend Michelle Stroud from the studio By the Moon. How can you cook healthy and still have Life? This is one of the questions asked by many young and old women when they arrive to health practitioners like Michelle and me. For all of them when it comes to cooking every day , its lots of hard work. Well
here I am with some pointers and tips that might change that concept.  

5 Tips to Cook Healthy

1] Plan your Meals Ahead:
Well if you have to eat healthy you need to plan the meals early. Know what you are cooking way ahead. It would always nice to prepare a meal calendar may be for a week. Yes this does not means that you have to cook early too.

2] Make Friends with Books:
Jamie Oliver recently have revolutionized the world of healthy cooking. His recent book Jamie at Home is a good example of easy and simple healthy recipes to try. Do not be shy to have a look at such books and try new dishes that are healthy.

3] Farmers Market, Meat Markets, Local Dairy Farm:
Here are three major triads that one need to know if you think you wanted to cook healthy and stay healthy. No do not worry they are not too far away from you. You just have to search them a little. Each city has a nice farmers market here in North America, so do have some nice organic meat farms and so do dairy farms. Buy from them and you can enjoy lot healthy food than what you normally buy.

4] Be Adventurous:
Healthy food is not just restricted to one part of the continent. Sushi, Indian, French, Italian all do have some really nice healthy recipes. Be adventurous in cooking and see what you can make. After all it’s just a question of trial and error. But do not you think we humans have a life full of trial and errors.

5] Taste and Health:
Now well who says that healthy recipes are not bad to taste. Well the idea of eating healthy means the idea to trying and tasting all the six tastes that are present in food. So yes they would taste different than your normal diet, but still would have a very different taste much appealing than anything.

Posted by Sudeep

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