Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Benefits of Being a Vegan

Today we have Evelyn Parham as our guest blogger.  She is the author of Becoming a Healthier You, where she writes about healthy living, vegan and blogging topics.

Whenever anyone inquires about my diet, the first question is “how do you do it and what do you eat.”  I answer them by telling them it is a way of life for me and I just do it.  I also eat a vegan diet for health reasons and I have noticed some awesome benefits from doing so.

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet is derived from fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and other wholesome non-animal products.

A vegan diet is not boring.  There are so many new foods and recipes that you can try.  I promise that you will not be bored eating a vegan diet.

The great thing about eating a vegan diet is that you will cut out all the processed foods and focus on eating whole foods.  It is always a good plan to focus on eating whole foods.

Below are some benefits that you can expect when you adopt a vegan diet:

  • Healthy Weight Loss
You will notice that you will begin slimming down.  Almost effortlessly!  The reason for this is because a vegan diet is not high in fat and cholesterol.  You will lose weight in a healthy manner, all while giving your body wholesome foods.
  • Clearer Skin
Who doesn’t want clear skin?  You will notice that your skin will have less break outs and that you have a healthy glow.  Ladies, there is almost no need to wear make-up, because your skin will glow naturally.
  • Better Digestion
You notice that you are less bloated and that you have regular elimination.  You will hardly ever have problems with constipation and you will not feel sleepy after eating a vegan meal.
  • Try New Foods
Eating a vegan diet doesn’t have to be boring.  You can actually have fun trying new foods.  There are so many different foods that you can try.  The next time you go to a Farmers Market, pay attention to the variety of foods that are available.


Eating a vegan diet isn’t for everyone.  If you are curious about eating a vegan diet, try eating a few vegan meals a week.  Even if you never become a vegan, after eating a few vegan meals a few times a week, you will feel healthier and have more energy.

Posted by Sudeep

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