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6 Reasons to Use Cinnamon This Christmas:

Well Christmas is just few days and yes we all are getting ready with all the preparation. We spend our days decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping gift boxes and yes fixing the menu for the days around. Some special recipes are just for these days. Well in this article I would like you all to use one of this herbs cum spice called as Cinnamon. Yah yah I know you use that spice from cakes and cookies to coffee, but do you know it can be healthy. Here are top reasons to use Cinnamon this Christmas

Benefits of Cinnamon

1] Diabetes:
If you are diabetic then cinnamon is the spice to have. It is well known that this spice can work on keeping diabetes in control. The role of this spice is not on pancreas but it works on glucose metabolism. Lowering the blood glucose levels means keeping the insulin in control. Cinnamon thus can be beneficial for even those who are border line diabetes or have family history of diabetes.

2] Cholesterol:
It’s a festive season and we are going to have a lot of oily fatty food, but well enjoy it with just half a tsp of Cinnamon daily in your diet. It is said that just half a tsp of cinnamon can lower and keep you bad cholesterol under control. Controversies surround this theory but still it does not hurt to have this spice... what you say. (Read: How to Lower your Cholesterol natrually?)

3] Oral Health:
Traditionally in Chinese medicine this herb has been known to cure bad breath or halitosis (Read more: How to Cure Bad Breath?). The aromatic oil present in this spice is also well known since ancient time to cure tooth aches and gum issues.

4] Common Cold, Cough& Flu:
Suffer from any of this three trio or all of them the answer to your good health lies in Cinnamon. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have been prescribing Cinnamon either with honey or in a form of Tea to fight this simple health conditions. This tea also works for treating sore throat. (Read: How to cure Sore Throat? )

5] Preservative:
Well if you want some spice that can work as a good preservative agent then Cinnamon could be your friend. Cinnamon is known to act as anti microbial, anti bacterial and even anti fungal thus preserving our cooked food properly.
Researches found that this bark can even fight e-coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices. (Read Additives to Avoid }

6] Male Infertility:
Long time  before Viagra , Cinnamon was one of the spice that works similar for Male infertility. (Read: Seedless and Infertility) Researchers recently found out that when eaten it increases the blood flow to the penis thus increasing erection. Well what is there to lose if one needs some extra help in enjoying one’s sex life...? Try Cinnamon.

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