Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Poses to Reduce Anxiety and Panic Attack.

Christmas is around the corner and yes we all are getting ready for that big day. Well even though it is a festival to have fun, enjoy the great time with our friend and family. But still for many of us this is the biggest time of the year for anxiety and panic attacks do you know. It’s nothing to do with work, but it’s all about cooking, buying presents and all those things that comes with families. Here in this article we would see 5 different yoga poses to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

Yoga and Anxiety Disorder & Panic Attacks
  1. Forward Bend (Padangustasana): Here is a pose that really helps a lot to calm one’s mind. The whole idea of dropping the head down towards mother earth makes the heart to push more blood towards the brain. A feel of rejuvenation can be achieved anywhere you do this pose. Try it any time anywhere for a minute or two and check it out. (How to do Padangustasana?)
  2. Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svasana) Have you seen a dog stretch, well this pose is something that he would follow. Yogis used this technique as they knew the benefit this pose would serve to our brains. Try this pose when you are really anxious about something, see how you feel. (How to do Downward Dog Pose?)
  3. Neck Roll: Well the first think that would affect our body when we get tensed, panic attacks, anxiety would be our neck region. Neck roll is something that can be done easily again anywhere and anytime. Rolling our neck releases the tension at the muscles. Also it increases the flow of circulation of blood to that area to relaxing the upper thorax region. (How to do Neck Roll?)
  4. Corpse Pose (Shavasana) Well do you think a corpse would have any emotions. No …. well this is a pose which is so perfect for conditions like anxiety do not you think. Anxiety and panic attacks is just because we would like to be in control. That is human nature, and here is the pose that helps you let to lose that control and let it be in a moment. Try it  (How do Shavasana?)
  5. Deep Breathing (Pranayama) Deep breathing has multiple benefits and one major benefit it to relax our body both physically and mentally. It is simple mechanism where body calms itself due to extra flow of oxygen. Anxiety brings tension all over the body creating constriction of all vessels, which in due course makes our breath shallow. Deep breathing changes that completely relaxing us. (How to do Deep Breathing?)

Well give this Christmas time for you to avoid such panic attack. Try doing this poses and deep breathing and see the result.
Posted by Sudeep

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