Friday, December 17, 2010

5 Good Reasons to Eat Eggs Everyday

“Joe our guest writer for today’s post  is an fitness enthusiast who runs his own personal training business .Today he writes on eggs and why are they should be eaten daily”.

Eggs were once much maligned by the health media, derided for their ‘bad cholesterol’ and high fat content. Of course the myth that eggs were bad for your health was buried long ago with archaic low fat diets and dodgy 80’s haircuts, now most people recognize the true health benefits that eggs promote and are happy to eta them on a daily basis. For the non-converted however, here are five reasons why eggs should be a staple part of your diet:

1. They Contain Good Fat:
We all know now that cutting fat out of our diets doesn’t necessarily mean you will loose body fat. Goods fat like the mono and polyunsaturated types found in egg yolks are essential to maintaining health eyes, skin and hair.{Read more on Dietary Fats :  Pro and Cons  }

2. They are High in Protein
Protein is a vital tool for anyone looking to loose fat. Because it takes a long time for the body to break down and process, protein is very satiating meaning it will keep you full for long periods, cutting down the urge to snack on treats

3. They are Convenient
Eggs are super quick to prepare and cook, not needing any extra ingredients to make a tasty meal that you can eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner

4. They boost Testosterone
For men, increased testosterone levels are on the whole, a good thing. The good fats in eggs promote testosterone production which leads to higher energy levels .

5. They are Cost Effective
Many protein foods like chicken breasts are costly, especially if you eat them on a regular basis, eggs are comparatively cheap, depending on what sort you buy meaning they are a great option if you wish to maintain a low cost, high protein diet.

Editorial :
Ayurveda believes that what we eat , so would it increase in our own body. So if you are eating eggs , your body would have good amount of eggs which means sperms and ova. Eggs are known to increase sperm count and also regularize menstrual cycle in women. If suffering with infertility eggs are a good food to have in diet.

Joe is a copywriter and fitness enthusiast who runs his own personal training business out the back of his BMW 6 Series

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