Friday, November 26, 2010

White or Dark Meat?

One of the debates that many health conscious families face on the dinner table on Thanks giving is which meat is healthy? Have you been in this debate? What do you think white or dark meat? 

  Well here is some of the compression as Ayurveda sees this issue. I am just trying to use some the principles of Ayurveda in this scenario.

White Meat:

White meat normally consists of the muscles and the breast part of the animal. Here is the meat which if covered with the skin may contain some amount of fats and good amount of protein in them. No skin on white meat means fewer fats.

One rule in Ayurveda links the parts of the body we eat nourishes the same parts in our body. In this was the white meat would be nutritious for all those who have weak muscles. Thus for all those who are weak should prefer white meat compare to dark ones. Polio, muscular dystrophy is some of the conditions that white meat really makes a difference.

Meat Type (3.5 ounce serving)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Protein (g)
Breast w/ skin194829
Breast w/o skin161430
Wing w/skin2381327
Leg w/ skin2131128
Dark Meat w/ skin2321327
Dark meat w/o skin192828
Skin only4824419

Dark Meat:
The meat that is attached to the bones and the cartilages is known as Dark meat. In modern science this meat is normally regarded as high calorie diet as it has high amount of fats.

Ayurveda thinks this meat very nutritious if eaten in a moderate amount. Here are the muscles that support the bony frame work of the animal. Usually have high amount of minerals like calcium and potassium and lastly Iron. A diet that can really be helpful for all those who have their body in early building phases like infants, young kids and even teenagers. Even for those people who are geriatrics this might be a great source of fats. Understand if eaten in moderation fats like this can be helpful for the bones and cartilages too.{ Read Pros and Cons of Fats }

So here are my views about who to eat what type of meat... what do you think? Can you eat them in moderation instead of just sticking to white meat or dark meat?

Posted by Sudeep

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