Monday, November 8, 2010

Trataka Meditation

Last week I spoke about Meditation and its benefits, hope you might have enjoyed reading that post. It occurred to me that we do various sorts of meditation and still achieve around the same result. Some enjoy it  sitting, some like to do sleeping like in “Shavasana” or Corpse pose , while other like to do some other ways. After all the results are always the same; peace, calmness and tranquillity to our mind and of course body. In this article I would try to bring one method of meditation that is unique and also do have some other advantage that those listed. Today we are going to do “trataka meditation”.

What is "trataka" meditation?

According to Hata Yoga Pradipika one of the oldest book of Yoga looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until tears are shed is known as trataka.{Ref 2:31} The word trataka is derived from the Sanskrit word Trut which means that which is broken yet existing in straight line. e.g. - - - - - -
Its a method of joining the space in between the gap and gazing for a long time. Let us put it in this way for our ease.

How to do “trataka meditation”?

This is one of the many ways to do trataka meditation, understand that you can follow whichever way you like.

1] Sit in a comfortable position may it be in Lotus pose or padmasana or Diamond pose or Vajrasana or even just sitting on your office chair.
2] Have a candle or lamp or a simple dot placed in front of you say about 6 fts away from you.
3] Relax your whole body, make sure you try to empty your mind for a while as you start this position. If possible take some deep breaths before starting this pose.
4] Start observing the flame of the candle or the dot, observe it without blinking.
5] As you see that dot or flame, do not think about anything, do not be conscious of the breathing, you are going to breath so do not worry.
6] After some time one may find teary eyes which are normal.
7] Close your eyes now for a while relax the eye lids and then try to again gaze to the same point dot again.
8] A single session can have two to three times such type of mediation and may be in a day one can do at least 2 sessions.

1] In this sort of meditation one’s eye may get a little strained which might bother some in the start. Please be careful and do not be concern about it.
2] Watery eyes is very common while doing this exercise... yes it does happens but just for those who are beginners. As you do this often the water discharge would decrease.
2] Lastly for every sort of meditation the biggest caution is that of lack of concentration. After all that is the first reason that we do meditation to increase concentration. So do not worry and try to relax and enjoy the meditation.


1] This is a meditation that would first and foremost work on increasing your eye power. It would help in a way to exercise each small eye muscles. Thus helping all those who suffer with eye  disorders.
2] A good exercise to increase concentration for beginners. After doing it regularly for one month or so one may even find increase of memory and also your mind power.
3] To start with this exercise first and foremost as spoke before in meditation benefits decreases your heart rate and breathing rate.
4] Here is a good work out for all those who are in pain ... it has seen that this exercise works well in direction of pain management.

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