Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food Additives to Avoid

Friends in this blog I have always spoken about the hazards of eating frozen food or even food that is added with multiple traces of preservatives. One may often question what issue I have behind those preservatives. Are they really bad for our health? Is there any scientific data available for the health concern? Lastly what preservatives or additives should we be looking to avoid is one of the most favorite question to ask? Well here in this article I have your answer. Here are 5 additives that one should watch and refrain from using them in your diet.

1] Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil:
One of the commonest additive used in many bakery products, margarine’s, deep fried food and cookies. Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is basically used to increase the shelf life of a product and also texture and look of the product. One of the basic reasons to avoid this product is the well known scientific study that shows increase of cardiac conditions due to regular use of this product.
This product has been in the process of being banned in North America and Europe but unluckily many companies still use them in the third world countries where all the strict rules do not apply.

2] Acesulfame- Potassium {acesulfame-K}
We have read and known about aspartame here in that same group of artificial sweeteners is yet another culprit approved by FDA but is hazardous for health. Acesulfame-Potassium or acesulfame-K is normally used in bakes goods, chewing gum, soft drinks and energy drink. One of the major reasons why this additive has to be avoided is because of its known carcinogenic property in mice when used regularly. Secondly acesulfame-k is known to increase dose dependent insulin in rats but still do not induce hyperglycemia.

3] Sodium Nitrite or Sodium Nitrate:
Well if you are a fan of eating hot dogs, processed meat and bacon then you are in a way consuming Sodium Nitrite or also known as Sodium Nitrate. All the above products do have this additive to increase shelf life of the product and also as a coloring agent.
It is said in the scientific community that this additive is known to cause DNA damage and increase cellular degeneration. It is also well known as carcinogenic substances especially known to cause gastric cancer, colon cancer and esophagus cancer.

I am sure after reading this one may be cautious and choose wisely and carefully different products from the shelf of your grocery department. Good Luck...

Regards from Sudeep

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