Friday, November 5, 2010

Festival of Light "Diwali"

As we here in North America are getting ready for Christmas people in India and many other countries are celebrating for last few days of the most important festival in the year for them namely Diwali”. In this article I am trying to provide some insight about this festival, its social, health and even spiritual benefits.

Diwali also well known for many people all around the world as Festival of Light is a festival that falls somewhere during late October or early November. Since ancient time people in countries like India used clay oil lamps to be lit in row in front of their house during this festival, hence the name “Deepavali” or Row of light.  It’s a five day event where each day represents something very specific and has its own importance.
What is the significance of this festival? Here are some thoughts:

Significance of Diwali

1] A Time to Pray, Time to have Fun:
One of the important aspects of any festival around the world is to preach peace and thankfulness. Every festival related with a time to pray and be thankful and also with that enjoy some fun with our near and dear ones. Diwali represents in a big way this time. A time when friend’s families come together, pray together and feast together.

2] Bonding between Relationship:
Two of the events of Diwali are related with bonds between family one being “Bali Pratipada or Padva” which is a day for husbands to tighten the bonds with their better half. Well let’s put this in a way that it’s like Valentine day as my wife puts it.
The other one is the day next to it called as “Bhaubheej” which speaks highly of brother and sister relationship. It’s all about bonding between siblings and how one can be thankful for such bonds.
Diwali is to be thankful for such tight bonds both between partners and siblings.

3] Light and its Abstract Meaning:
Darkness has been a way of representing evil since long time in history. This festival is full of light and hence known as festival of light which also means a victory over forces of evil. This festival is in a way of saying that light would destroy all the forces of darkness in our lives and bring peace and happiness. Be like a candle and bring joy and light to all around you in during these crazy times.

4] Science behind Diwali:
Well this is the time when season changes, fall moves towards cold winter. Diwali being in a way festival of light also brings fire in house which means heat. Secondly if you are an Indian you would know that here is the time when you enjoy sweets and different fried snacks the most. Winter as it bring cool, increases your appetite and hence the need for some kind of break from a healthy routine is called for, hence the sweets and the treats. Well this might be my way of looking at Diwali.

Happy Diwali!!!

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