Monday, November 15, 2010

Breathing Meditation

Last week we had a look on a type of meditation known astratak” or also known as Candle gaze meditation. In today’s post I would be describing few more techniques for meditation for a lay man whose mind is like a fickle. I say this for lay man as even after few years of practise I feel myself still a lay man in the art of meditation. I have used this technique to work and progress and I hope that this might also help you all.


One of the first and foremost thing that states that we are born is that we start  breathing. It is a small way to show that we are born and also a sign that indicates that we are dead. Breathing a simple process of taking in air and throwing out air though can be so simple has a major role in every aspect of life including finding inner peace. Once we start to breathe in and out we may see that if pay a little concentration we tend to go forget all over issues of the past and the future and just be in now. Yogic knew this fact and thus used this simple breathing to attain peace and find inner peace. Today with the help of simple breathing we would try to be in The Present.

Position: Sit in any comfortable position, a position where you and your body is at rest. One can sit in Lotus position or Padmasana or in regular cross legged pose namely Siddhasana. Now you can even sit on a chair or even in your car for doing this.

Environment: It would be advisable that you switch your cell phones off, keep your phones on hold for a while. Be in a place where you would not be disturbed by  any distraction including your better half. No television, no radio and if you have some music make sure it is a nice melody going one and not some rock.

How to do Breathing Meditation:

Once you are in a comfortable position just start breathing in and out. Watch and observe how the air travels in, feel how it enters the nostril, feel how it goes down the wind pipe.
Fill your lungs completely with air and see how you feel.
Now watch how the air slowly increases the pressure in the lungs and make you let go. See how it comes upwards, touching the windpipe and then from the nostril.
Continue observing each and every breath in this way.
In this process you literally only and only think all about the air and its moment in your body that is what meditation is all about being in the present.

Huge chance are that you might suddenly start thinking if this is good for you or is the right way, or your mind may start to waver around for food, women and stuff. Bring that back to your breathe would be my advice. The more you think about your breathe the better one would get in meditation.


Well similar to all the benefits of meditation that we saw before.{ Click here }

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