Monday, November 22, 2010

Breathing Meditation Part 2

In my last post on meditation I had a chance to put some light on simple way of doing meditation. Though many different kind and style of meditations are known I started in last week pose with a simple breathing meditation. I am sure many of you have enjoyed the basics now. We humans are unique we do not stop at a point when we start learning something. We tend to look forward and always ask for more. Once taught a simple style, one tends to look out for a little difficult or something further.  
Here is something for all those who look further....

Lotus pose or Padmasana , Vajrasana or Diamond Pose  
Simple sitting on the chair might also help if you are looking for just de-stress.

A peace full calm place where one may not be disturbed with phone calls. A nice music might be good for the soul. May be a nice Bach may do or just simple string or flute.
If you are just doing for de-stress just one can even do it in any place.

Breathing Meditation

1] Just be in the position that you are comfortable, if in Lotus pose let the spine be erect and the shoulders relaxed.
2] Normally when we breathe in we take in oxygen known as inhalation and then we slowly release the oxygen which may be call as exhalation. Now last week we just concentrated our mind on simple breathing.
3] In today exercise we would be working on something very different. Every inhalation ends at a point for the exhalation process to begin and every exhalation ends at a point to start the inhalation. This is point that breathing converges from either inhalation to exhalation or exhalation to inhalation.
4] Now in this type of meditation we need to focus our attention on this point of exchange. The point where one stops inhaling and starts exhaling or the opposite.
5] Yes I do understand that this point is hard to keep one's focus one and yes it take some time and effort .After all what is easy is always no fun right.

Now try this meditation for 4 to 5 minutes in a day for a peace of mind.

Let me know if you have any more questions? Also it would be nice if you share your thoughts on what you felt about this meditation.

Posted by Sudeep

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