Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Ways to Lower your Cholestrol

Gone are the days when we as humans thinks that when we turn 50 or 60 we should be worried of our health. In this 21 century health has been disrupted even for a 30 years old computer wizard who is still full of life with either some issues with diabetes or cholesterol. Pills that reduce cholesterol are somewhat norm of the day for many professionals on Wall Street. In this article I would like to point some ways to maintain health and maintain that sky rocketing levels of cholesterol.

Lowering Cholesterol

1] Enjoy Each and Every Single Bite:
In one of my older post 7 Reasons to Eat Slow I spoke of the benefit of eating slow and reduce heart diseases, reduce risk of diabetes. It is well known in the medical community that those who eat fast are related with different types of metabolic conditions like high cholesterol. Thus eating and enjoying every single morsel of your food would keep your cholesterol in check.

2] Choosing Good Fats:
When one thinks about heart diseases or cholesterol it all comes down to what type of fats are you eating? In one of my guest post Gina speaks about Pros and Cons of Fats which clarify a lot that yes fats can be healthy too. What type to choose would be one’s dilemma?
Olive oil, Ghee made by Indian standard, avocado, nuts and even fish oil does contain a polyunsaturated fat which increases the good cholesterol in the body.

3] Eat Fresh and Whole Grains:
Eating fresh vegetables, whole grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet have always been something that a person should prefer to keep cholesterol lower. More the processed more would be the risk to increase ones cholesterol. Similar white bread or white flour tend to increase the risk of high cholesterol.

4] Exercise Daily:
It is said that a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is enough to keep most of the health conditions including high cholesterol, high sugar in check. Choose whichever you are comfortable may it be thread mill or a simple walk or run or even yoga the results would be always is good.
Pranayam or deep breathing have also seen by researchers to give added benefit to all this exercises in keeping the bad cholesterol in check.

5] Garlic a Day:
Ayurveda has always praised garlic when it comes to keep ones; cholesterol in check. Researchers across the world have found the effects of garlic to reduce high cholesterol level. Just one or two cloves a day can reduce 10-15% of increased cholesterol level in a day.
A clove of garlic soaked in olive oil would be the ideal way to have to maintain one's cholesterol level. {Read more about Garlic and its properties }

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