Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Things to Avoid For Staying Healthy!!

Health is something that every one of us cherishes to have. Hey that is one of the reasons that you are reading this blog am I right here? Well would it be nice if we knew what types of food and food items that we can stay away to stay healthy. Here is a small article all about different foods and food items to avoid so one can live healthy and for a long time.

1] High fructose Corn Syrup

Well the issues with  High Fructose Corn Syrup is well known this days and yes more and more are getting aware of this. A ingredient that is although getting more and more attention in our kitchen from maple syrup to carbonated drinks. Check this out why this is not good for your health here in this article

2] White Flour
Yes we love our bread and love our naan which are all made up of white flour. But luckily unluckily this white flour does have a very bad effect on our digestion. Yes one gets a boost of sugar suddenly when eating white flour, but soon one ends up getting this craving more often. Lastly one also needs to know that it’s a process of bleaching that is done on the flour to make it white. Yes it means heavy chemicals.... are in your system in a way or so..

3] Salt
Ohh ya how can we forget about this..... Salt Once and even today if used perfectly well can be of great help to use preserve food. But unluckily in today’s world its more to increase our taste and enhance to get us more addicted. Salt in excess in Ayurveda can even lead to infertility, but even in its normal rate one can have health issues like hypertension. Read more about Salty taste here and here are some of the health concern of Salt

4] Fast Food or Junk Food
Fast food is the norm of this century, but has it helped humans. Yes saved a lot of time to prepare food, {Cooking Time: Some Scare facts} but at the cost of what ... Obesity has been the first issue that has been precipitate with this junk food. And with that comes a jargon of diseases and health issues including diabetes. Well it would be nice to avoid to be healthy what do you say?

5] Excess of Everything
And here is my favourite of all which not many would agree to keep on this list of things to avoid. Trends pick in this century very fast...a tweet starts a trend saying that one food is good for health and many simply start following those rules. Food that are healthy are then simply eaten in excess... Do you think it would be right?
Ayurveda specifically speaks of eating everything in moderation. Every food is good in its one way but if eaten in excess can lead to different health issues. One thing that can really lead us to healthy life would be to have in moderation.

What say you? Any Thoughts …..

Posted by Sudeep

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